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Hello everyone,

by now, you are surely already aware of the fact that SU-76i was removed from the shop. Hmm… why do I keep writing SU-76i, when it’s SU-76I? Bad habits I guess. Anyway, right – about the removal.

There are bits and pieces we can put together.

It took cca 40 hours to collect the SU-76i statistics on Russian server – essentially, the Russians had it 24 hours longer than us (their patch came one day earlier). From what I can tell, first feedback that it was not such a bright idea started arriving to the developers after a few hours of the patch day. The vehicle appeared in somewhat large numbers on its tier and Yuri Pasholok noted around noon on his blog that the vehicle might be overpowered (he reports 100 percent winrate in 40 battles), at which point he likely contacted other WG developers, who in the meanwhile started realizing what happened and started paying attention to the vehicle statistics.

Allegedly (according to anonymous WG source), SerB didn’t approve the sale (he doesn’t have to, it’s a marketing thing) and when he heard they put SU-76i into the shop, he raged the entire evening.

According to various sources from supertest, the vehicle itself was tested in many rounds (various sources state 7 or 8 rounds), the testing of this vehicle ended in February 2014. Other earlier iterations with it were however reported as well, so it is estimated the vehicle was tested around 11 to 13 times. How the hell did they miss the fact that it’s imbalanced, noone knows (personally, I believe the developers KNEW it was imbalanced, it was a miscommunication between producers (marketing) and developers).

In any case, the next day (when EU got it), it was decided to remove it, at which point the supertesters (for some reason) recieved a letter from Nikolay Galihanov (External Testing Manager), saying they shouldn’t post anything about the SU-76i on the forums and that they should delete the old posts about it. In the evening, it ended with Storm admitting the entire fuckup. I do believe one of the factors was also the fact that from today for several days (three I think), there is a big Wargaming developer meeting on Cyprus and that the developers wanted this settled before they depart.

At this moment, there are two options what will happen:

– a nerf (with gold refund the was it was done with Superpershing)
– nothing, it will just stay removed from the shop

One thing is for sure, it won’t be decided until next week.

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