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On a visit to Wargaming.FM developer of applications for mobile devices World of Tanks Assistant – Dmitry Polyakov.

– Team at we have 18 people.
– Now we are actively working on a new, stand-alone application, which will be IM, contacts and other good opportunities.
– we have implemented in the app store, but “fumble” in-game functionality through the application will fail. We’ll have to go to the game.
– We will process interface World of Tanks Assistant.
– Wargaming FM may add the WOT Assistant.
– Display of 3D models will not be this year in the annex.
– Display LBZ will not be in WOT Assistant.
– Working on the show Shares in the application.
– As part of the Civil Code 2.0, we are preparing the processing of this section in the WOT Assistant.
– is not technically feasible to add a display distinctive marks.
– Will separate statistics on the SD.
– we are preparing a big update to the clans.
– The commander of Clan will have the opportunity to do some PUSH notification to the clan members.
– The ratio of users of 1: 4 in favor of Android.
[1,999,002 ] In the transcript thanks WoT Express

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