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The British like to name their tanks – that should come as no surprise. There is also a general problem with tank names in game, which regulars on the NA forums will know the The_Chieftain tried to resolve in the name of accuracy; the ‘Hetzer’ being the prime example. You can read his ‘tank names’ piece “What’s in a name?”

The reason seems to be that WG likes tanks with names for commercial reasons, even when they are fake/false or unverifiably lost in the mists of time. Which brings me to the subject of some suggested but not adopted names for some well known British tanks.

So, a quick run down of the original name/designation and the proposed names for some British tanks from between July 1941 and September 1942:

Careful readers will see that the A.25 is nowhere written as ‘Harry Hopkins’ but instead the more majesterial name of ‘Sceptre’.

I don’t know about you, but I like those snake names for the Cruiser series of tanks and the system of classification. It’s also an amusing mental exercise to wonder how the “A.22 Victoria” (Churchill) would have fared without the namesake of Sir Winston to support it through its early teething troubles. It could have led to not ‘C’ being the British tank name letter of choice but ‘V’ instead, which would have left the A.34 with a most unfortunate name.

In game terms we are already saddled with the ‘Hetzer’ and ‘Wolverine’ as names, but these ones here are actual real proposed historical names and not some post war invention or misattribution. Maybe we don’t need to rename the Churchill or Covanater/Crusader for the game but the Cruiser Mk.III renamed as the ‘Asp’ sounds very cool.

Tell me what you think below….

AFV News Vol.39-3 – British Tank names by Peter Brown
Cabinet Officer Papers 120/354 August 1940 to September 1942: Tank Nomenclature and Classification

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