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Hello everyone,

so, I had these few thoughts about the individual mission system, leaked recently. No new information surfaced for now, but I can already see some pitfalls, that might hinder it a bit. Let’s talk about some of those. Contrary to popular opinion, I find the fact that unless you are insanely good, you have to play arty for Object 260 very entertaining :) I mean… why not? Other issues however…


Please don’t include that requirement. Let me tell you why – it’s from my own experience in other games, here – specifically – World of Warcraft.

I think that by now we all realize, that the IM’s are essentially series of chain missions. WoW had chain quest too and it was always extremely difficult to get help with them, because other players were alwawys at different stage of the quest. Usually the way it was done was that a player joined a party for the entire chain quest, if the quest included a party-required part (for example some quest chains ended with a party having to defeat a very tough enemy, that required cooperation). If you lost that party somewhere in the process – good luck finding another one, that’s on the same stage as you. You managed to do that only if you were really lucky and it always took time.

Same thing will happen here, IF the missions behave like chain mission (win one, unlock next one). Why help someone if you are not on that stage yet? And who will help you?

Plus, platoon requirement is a huge pain in the ass for notorious solo players like me. I have to admit, I don’t enjoy platoons, I can’t play with them, having to take one friendly (instead of treating the entire team as hostile and/or full of idiots) actually slows me down and annoys me (unless it’s a friendly player I really sit well, but those are like two people I know of). I don’t want to platoon and I don’t want to look for anyone to actually help me – I am also sure many feel the same way (and that’s without the entire “chain” problem with the first part).

Please don’t include any social softcaps like this, that put organized players in better position. That’s what Stronghold, CW, companies and everything else is in the game for.


Wanna bet that a couple of people will get the Object 260 on the second night it’s out? Not through skill or knowledge of the game – they will rig the games. As you saw in the leak from earlier, getting Object 260 will be very, very difficult. The more difficult the prize, the more likely it is someone (frustrated/crooked enough) will try to rig it. I mean, I think my personal record is somewhere around 9k damage per battle in a Jagdtiger? There is NO way I am doing a 10k without sheer luck.

Rigging random battles is piss easy. You just wait until the lowest possible online time (4AM or so) and you ask a few of your buddies (or, in some cases, entire teams of clanmembers) to wait until that time – and you press “battle” all at the same time. On high tiers especially, there is a huge chance of you ending up all in the same battle filling both teams in extreme cases and…. there you go. This is obviously not some theoretical construct, this has happened in the past many times and it’s punishable by bans.

With that being said, Wargaming HAS to implement some very tough oversight, including removing the prize tanks from the offenders. What good is a ban for a week (or even a month), when you end up with a unique tank? Of course, Wargaming being Wargaming, I expect this part to be a massive fail with riggers going unpunished, but I’d love nothing more than to be proven wrong on this.

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