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Hello everyone,

just a quick post explaining something. Many of you were shocked yesterday by the upcoming tier 9 and 10 tank destroyer viewrange, which is:

FV4004: 320 meters
FV4005: 330 meters

While current viewrange tier 10 tank destroyers is (examples):

Object 268: 400 meters
Object 263: 410 meters
WT E-100: 420 meters

etc. (basically between 400-420 meters). So why introduce vehicles, that have such a low viewrange suddenly? Well, the answer is (unfortunately/fortunately) simple. I asked around and there is a massive viewrange nerf coming (likely in 9.5, the nerf was announced earlier by Storm). It will definitely concern tank destroyers (they will have viewrange nerfed to the FV4004/4005 levels) and it’s possible it will concern other vehicles to certain extent. Details are unfortunately not known yet, it’s not even in testing yet.

The goal of this nerf is to improve the role of light tanks and scouting in the game.

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