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I LIVED IN POLAND * in a large village near the lake Naroch, two kilometers from Myadel. Graduated 5 classes of Polish school. In our village had 105 houses, and in the war 58 people died. I can not sleep now, do not sleep, but remember – who died and how he died.

MIRACLE got to the front in 1941, and in documents written that I “volunteer.” [1,999,015] When the war started, I worked as a driver in the executive committee . On the second day of the war has taken away their wives and children and then themselves leaders to their home in Lepel. How to get there, they say you’re on the Moscow now you’re in the car. The roads at the time were already crammed: all fled from the war – who on horseback, who on cows. Dressed there was nothing in Lepel I scored two cans of alcohol and alcohol in this way to Moscow and drove. With big adventure: the bridge had to rush across the Berezina before the Germans blew it, then stalled at the roadside, and I pulled out the tank.

MOSCOW I was questioned and sent to a tank SCHOOL . I had finished six months to get the status of an officer and commanding tanks. Sent to the landfill Alabino near Moscow, where I spent only twenty-five days, but managed to master driving a tank. Formed the 9th Armored Brigade, and I was sent there. The Germans at the time were already 30 kilometers from Moscow. [1,999,011]

[1,999,016] I was assigned to tanks to the brigade commander [1,999,017] [1,999,015] – I has replaced its previous chauffeur. Stalin said on November 7 at the area that the enemy will be defeated. The driver that still questioned, and there went snitches and listened to what he seems to be criticizing Stalin. I ask him: what did you get? And he says the tongue.

in the tank brigade commander to store two flags Martial and the Guards. If you lose a part of the banner, the boss goes to court, and all of the disbanded. Therefore banner cherished and kept in the tank. When particularly hard, while the flag is attached to the board, and a tank brigade commander comes first. Everyone can see that the commander of the brigade went on the attack, and the soldiers have no choice as to go after him.

uprated WE Vilija . I drove up, I say: and that the tube? My mother, they say, who is in command here? I say: it is necessary to speed up, I’ll try. And to me, aside, intelligence searches, where you can get. And then I drove Major 2nd Battalion Kashin – says that forsiruesh? And I’m with you, let’s go! But I’m not random rode through the area and Bonds. I knew this place, which is carried through in the Polish forest rafting. I came undressed, went and said: Now we’ll go. He took a course, and so he moved to the other side. And on the other already shouting Kordevich already there, there! And two hours later, we crossed the river completely.

VODKA Davao from October 15 to May 1, every day – like bread and vodka one hundred grams. Stalin was not afraid to be alcoholics, drunks. War is war.

In our brigade were five women . Three or four days later they pobyli, and during this time the lads have arranged between a war – shoot and kill. The brigade commander summoned me and asked to take them back, to return to the headquarters of the army.


I had another still too young lad, in the battalion guarded the anti-aircraft battery in the event of flight. He was from Ulan-Ude, and said that mothers with no father, and he and his sister were brought up in an orphanage. I, as a volunteer, paid the money, as well as officers. But where do you get away money for the war? So I gave them to this guy that he forwarded to the orphanage sister. One called me when antiaircraft gun sat and pulled a letter from his sister. She passed me a “thank you” and wrote that awaits us with war. And we sit, legs chat, read a letter. And then we hear: bombing. We do not even have time to move, how he was killed. So we sat together – but he is no more.

never thought that I would stay ALIVE . The day will live in the evening thinking: I’m alive, thank God, the cross hairs. And my mother said when I came back, I was born under a lucky star. She went to a local landowner to tell fortunes. That said, that the mother does not grieve, they say, the son returns, and shown on the map: about my three kings – Crusade, peak, Hearts. She said that I probably himself head of some sort.

I have five brigade commanders for war CHANGE . First there was Kirichenko and then – Obdalenko, it was for me as a father. At night, they come to me and say, brigade commander calls. Well, I think then we will go somewhere. I’m under his visor, and he says to me, tell me, you are a believer, but then I say that you are very religious? I say: Well, as a believer – how to fly, “frame”, the aircraft reconnaissance, and crossed himself in fear. When the anti-aircraft guns shooting – not terrible, “tridtsatchetvёrku” they did not take, but when the “frame” cellphone, then fly to bomb. Informers reported to him that I am a devout.

I was brought up CROSSES BETWEEN TWO mother Catholic, Orthodox and his father, a Belarusian. Father drove one Sunday in church, and in another mother in church. The commander then asks: what prayer do you know? I told him “Our Father” read later “It is truly meet”. He sits and listens – and then what? “Heavenly King” read later “I believe,” and then went on to tell the Ten Commandments. And he says to me you write down the Ten Commandments. The commander of the king’s officer had served the king, and then went when there was a revolution, to the Bolsheviks.

Bogushevskaya In 1944, two hours TOOK [1,999,017] – direct fire. When the war ended, I was a driver at the chairman of the executive committee. We went on a business trip in Smorgon and their chairman was once the partisans under Bogushevsky. I ask, as there is a monument in Chernyakhovsky Bahusheusk worth more? And I tell how Bogushevsk take. And he says the woman, quickly in the fridge – it’s a winner that we released!

WHEN liberation of Belarus my tank first came to Minsk. When they came to the town, we did not know yet what power there. Strengthened on the tank two banners and so entered. We met in the middle and wept, kissing, hugging – there was so much joy that I’ll let a tear.

to end the war in East Prussia near the Baltic Sea, in Königsberg. On the border of Lithuania were, dinner, and the brigade commander says you do not need a tank, and I give you a week to walk you to find a good car – I will carry. On the fourth day I found the American “Admiral” – machine-beauty. I turn it – charging is displayed, and a full tank of gasoline, and I can not make. And suddenly I was someone clap on the shoulder – German! I have a gun, and it shows – “nicht, nicht,” Move over, they say, he will sit down. He sat down, and the car started the first time. It was got as modern machine factory, and I was looking for, where, as in our “Ehmke” to press the starter to start. I showed that German and how to switch the speed, and the doors closed.

at the victory parade IN RED SQUARE I think it was just get there? Carefully choose whom to send. Many were torn, but said: Kordevich go – and all. I attended the month march – two pairs of boots worn tarpaulin. Let’s go – already seems to be good, and command of the battalion, the generals do not like it, and instead of dinner – two o’clock further drill. And the Germans came, they also had a column, and trampled their banners.


* That is, in Western Belarus, which until 1939 was part of Poland. [1,999,011]


[1,999,014] See also

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