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Hello Warriors,

from August 3, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) to August 17, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) the next “On Track” (tier 10 discount) on NA server will be the 121:

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:
    VAE Type B     Chi-Ha     M5A1 Stuart     Type T-34
30% discount on purchase:

    59-16     Type 58     WZ-131     T-34-1     WZ-132     T-34-2     WZ-120     121
Now here comes the good bit, if you make 25.000 XP driving with any of the vehicles above you will earn:
x2 Small First Aid Kit x2 Large First Aid Kit x2 Small Repair Kit x2 Large Repair Kit x2 Manual Fire Extinguisher x2 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
If you complete it 4 times you get:
Coated Optics
If you complete it 8 times you get:
Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 1
And if you manage to do it 10 times the final prize is:
Type 64 + Garage Slot
Note: If you already own the Type 64 you will be receiving its equivalent in gold. 

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