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Hello Warriors,

Its not yet on the NA Portal but from September 14 until September 28  the next “On Track” (tier 10 discount) on NA server will be the STB-1.

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:
Chi-Ni Chi-Ha Chi-He Chi-Nu 30% discount on purchase:
Chi-To Chi-Ri STA-1 Type 61 STB-1 Other Discounts
– Play and Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle with:
    STA-1     Type 61     STB-1 And earn:
2x Crew XP (Repeatable)

– Play and Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle with:
    Ha-Go     Ke-Ni     Ke-Ho     Chi-Ni     Chi-Ha     Chi-He     Chi-Nu      Chi-To     Chi-Ri  And earn:
+25% XP (Repeatable)

Missions:  -If you make 25.000 XP driving with any of the vehicles above you will earn:
2x Small First Aid Kit 2x Large First Aid Kit 2x Small Repair Kit 2x Large Repair Kit 2x Manual Fire Extinguisher 2x Automatic Fire Extinguisher  (Maximum 10 times)

-If you complete it 4 times you get:
1x Medium-Caliber Gun Rammer
 -If you complete it 8 times you get:
1x Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 1
-And if you manage to do it 10 times the final prize is:
Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai + 50% Crew + Garage slot 
Note: If vehicle already owned, player receives Credit value as compensation

 Have fun!

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