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On Track to the Leopard 1
2015-06-16 08:55:00 / Events

Trading armor for blistering speed and maneuverability, tanks on the road to the Leopard 1 include the speedy Pz. III and the precise, deadly Indien-Pz. Whether you’re moving in from the flanks or sniping from cover, the Leopard 1 combines good mobility and view range with an accurate gun. Played cleverly, it is capable of outmaneuvering and finishing even the toughest armored opponents!

While progressing towards the Leopard 1, enjoy Credit discounts on vehicles leading up to it for a limited time only.

Starts: Wednesday, June 17, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends: Wednesday, July 1, 04:00 PT / 06:00 ET

Regular Vehicles – 50% Credit Discount
Pz. II | Pz. III A Pz. III | Pz. III/IV

Regular Vehicles – 30% Credit Discount
VK 30.01 D | VK 30.02 D

Regular Vehicles – 15% Credit Discount

Regular Vehicles – 10% Credit Discount
Leopard PT A | Leopard 1

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