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On Track to the T110E4
2015-04-05 10:18:00 / Events

Trading hull armor for the functionality of a rotating turret, America’s branch of turreted tank destroyers features popular vehicles from the speedy Hellcat to our featured On Track vehicle, the T110E4. This tier X machine, like many of its American relatives, combines a tough gun mantle with an explosive gun capable of devastating even the toughest armored opponent!

While progressing towards the T110E4, enjoy Credit discounts on vehicles leading up to it for a limited time only.

Starts: Monday, April 6, 04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT
Ends: Monday, April 20, 04:00 PDT / 06:00 EDT

Regular Vehicles – 50% Credit Discount
T18 | T82 | M8A1 | T49

Regular Vehicles – 30% Credit Discount
M18 Hellcat | T25/2

Regular Vehicles – 15% Credit Discount
T28 Prototype

Regular Vehicles – 10% Credit Discount
T30 | T110E4

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