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“One for all …” Review of the new premium tank France

With the release of an update to the 9.6 Premium store will be a new premium French Tank Level VIII – AMX Chasseur de chars. In this article we will look at its performance characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, as well as consider the features of the use of tanks in battle.

Characteristic features of the machine

High mobility . AMX CDC has an amazing medium tank for the dynamics characteristic for the class rather light tanks. The maximum speed of 57 km / h and the incredible power density of 34.8 liters. c. / t, provide an advantage during the occupation of a strategically important position at the beginning of the fight. The engine capacity of 1200 liters. p. allows you to literally fly around the map and react to volatile picture of the battlefield.

Effective 90-mm gun [1,999,008]. Quick-and accurate gun with a comfortable time information and a good indicator of the average damage per minute. It is noteworthy that earlier in World of Tanks is a tool was available only for the French heavy tanks. Mobility radiotherapy plus firepower TT – these are serious arguments in favor of AMX CDC.

High armor . 212 mm from the base of ammunition – one of the best indicators for a medium tank VIII level. AMX CDC is capable of hitting both single-level cars and opponents of a higher level.

Low The security . Armor in the tank, we can say no. 30 mm in the forehead do not provide absolutely no protection. The tank is very vulnerable to roadside bombs and quickly killed by a focused fire. Caution in combat – guarantee of victory on this machine.

Large ammunition . Ammunition 90 rounds allows for continuous fire for almost 13 minutes of battle. Feel free to sweep position, which can be the enemy: the shells are cheap, and a lot of them.

Comfortable corners vertical lay . Angle of declination of 10 degrees guns – one of the main distinguishing features of the machine. This seemingly minor figure significantly improves survival, partly compensating for the weak armor. Using the terrain as shelters, you can effectively evade enemy fire, keeping the points of strength of his car.

tactical role on the battlefield

Sniper . Dynamics and excellent angles vertical lay allow you to use as shelters the most unexpected places. Choose a position with a wide field of fire: this is how you can realize the strengths of its guns. Tank contraindicated attention of large caliber, especially artillery bombs – so watch out for likely to catch the eye of the enemy.

Support . One of the most effective applications AMX CDC – support groups allies, whether slowly Burst direction of heavy tanks or assault group ST aimed at capturing key positions. Try to stay behind allies, firing under the protection of their armor. If you see that the attack bogged down or turned into a positional phase, do not try to butt against the enemy head-on – stand back and try to benefit from the other direction.

Exploration . If the team is not light tanks, or they are destroyed, the AMX CDC could try on the role of scout. Good performance masking and review allow the use of “passive light” from the bushes, and high mobility will help to escape from enemy fire. Catch of the raider at the end of the fight is difficult, and AMX CDC has all the prerequisites to “drag” the fighting in the endgame.

AMX Chasseur de chars – it’s nimble musketeer-teaser . He does not need heavy armor that only stifle the movement. In battle, he relies on his agility and sharp “sword”, accurate shots that wounded the enemy and removes it from himself. And when the enemy is already filled with a desire to get even with the offender, our hero gives dёru, in order to return to the most inconvenient time for the enemy.

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