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The second stage of the general test a new global map. Everyone is welcome to take part in the war on updated global map in the battle for glory and gold!

Thanks to you for the first stage of the test, we received a large number of comments and suggestions gathered a lot of useful statistics. The result has been a lot of changes – both in the economy and in the new interface cards. In addition, part of the planned revisions was not included in the starting version of the map, we will tell about them separately.

The main changes compared to the first stage of testing
  • change the start fights. Start of the first battle will now coincide with the beginning of prime time.
  • Added information to higher levels of card approach.
  • to the unit commander added the possibility to apply for the starting province.
  • To increase competition, reduce the number of provinces on all fronts.
  • double the limit applications for the province of headers.
  • increase the value of divisions, amplification and their content on all fronts.
  • The possibility of pumping provinces tied to ELO-rated front.
  • Reduced the number of possible cards in the provinces (relevant only for test). All fights will go with seven cards: “Himmelsdorf”, “N-sk”, “mines”, “Prokhorovka”, “Utes”, “Steppe” and “Ruinberg.”
  • Added option to withdraw from the global map.
  • Added option to assign a priority to combat the use of reserves in the battles on the Global Map.
  • Added a strategic opportunity to strengthen “Artillery Battalion” and “squadron of bombers.”

Separately it is worth noting that in the first phase have been identified problems with the economy: map generated unacceptably large number of game gold, many times exceed the value of the old global map. At the same time the cost of the various elements in the impact was extremely small, which also led to inflated earnings gaming gold.

At the start of the second stage of public testing will not be zeroed ELO-rating of the new global map.

Influence accumulated clans before the second stage will be preserved and available for use.

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