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Since March 6, 9:00 (GMT) March 9, 8:30 (GMT) will take place in the game action dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Balaton operation. At this time, you expect:

Discounts and bonuses

image three times more experience for the first win of the day throughout the technique, regardless of the level, type and nation.

image 50% discount into Soviet and German premium technique II-V levels (the in-game store).

discount is valid also in the Premium store, but does not cover the slot hangar.


image Discount 50% equipment (rammer, Reinforced drive pickup, and so on. d.).

image 50% OFF to the premium equipment (Large kits, repair kits and so big. d.) for game gold and loans.

image Discount 25% for equipment (first aid kits, repair kits, fire extinguishers and so on. d.) Credits .

Martial problem

image fire suppression, Part 1

All kinds of fights, except for training.
investigated technique IV-X levels.
tasks can be performed 15 times a day . Results are reset every day at 3:00 (GMT)

Purpose Destroy at least three cars enemy in battle.
get into Top 7 his team damage

1,000 experience points at the end of the battle


image fire suppression, Part 2

Purpose Destroy at least two cars enemy in battle.
get into top 10 team’s damage

500 experience points at the end of the battle

Constraints All kinds of fights, except for training.
Problem You can perform 15 times a day . Results are reset every day at 3:00 (GMT).
For equipment from the list:
image image image T-34
imageimageimage T-34-85
image image image IS
image image image
imageimageimage SU-100
image image image SU-152
image image image ISU-152
image image image Panther
image image image Tiger I
image image image Tiger (P)
image image image StuG III Ausf. G
image image image Nashorn
image image image Jagdpanzer IV

image image image Wespe
image image image Hummel

Awards for tasks fire suppression, Part 1 “ and fire suppression, Part 2 are summarized in compliance with all conditions and restrictions.

image 7 0 years: Balaton operation “


Run 35 times problem fire suppression, Part 1


image Reinforced drive pickup


tasks can be performed only once for each account

Remember that all current active World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

Historical Background


From 6 to 15 March 1945 troops of the Red Army, together with the Bulgarian and Yugoslav allies reflect the last major offensive of Nazi Germany and Hungary. The battle took place in Hungary, near Lake Balaton.

On the German side in the offensive participated forces of Army Group “South” as part of the 6th and 2nd Panzer Army, 6th Field Army and 91 Army Corps. Also participated in the battle of the Hungarian 3rd Army. Offensive air support provided 4th Air Force Luftwaffe.

Soviet forces were represented by the armies of the 3rd Ukrainian Front: 26th, 27th, 57th, 4th Guards and 1st Guards fortified area and two air armies: the 5th and 17th. Together with the Soviet troops in the battle participated Bulgarian 1st and 3rd Yugoslav army.

The idea of ​​the German command provided three simultaneous strike. The main blow was inflicted 6th Panzer Army in the area between the lakes Balaton and Velence. Here the Germans are the largest tank group armed with, among other things, heavy tanks “Royal Tiger” and mean “Panther”. German 2nd Panzer Army was advancing between the river Drava and Lake Balaton and on Kaposvar Nadbayom. Third strike part of the forces of Army Group F was applied along the southern shore of the Drava in the direction of Pecs.

Thanks Soviet intelligence upcoming offensive Nazis were disclosed. The Red Army has decided to take the fight to inflict a defeat, and then move to the offensive on Vienna.

The Germans began to operate on the night of March 6. They managed to force the Drava and capture two fairly large foothold in the action zone of the Bulgarian and Yugoslav armies. To strengthen the defenses here were deployed additional forces. At the direction of Kaposvar German 2nd Panzer Army was able to break into the defense that kept the Bulgarian part. But after fierce fighting and enter into the battle of the second echelon troops managed to stop the advance of the enemy. On the site of the main German attack fighting started around 9am. Germans managed to advance to a depth of about 4 kilometers and capture the city Sheregeyesh.

Within a few days at the site of the main attack the Germans again and again moved into the attack, thrown in a large number of heavy machinery. The battle went almost round the clock. In the night fighting the German tank crews used night vision devices. During the ten-day battle the Germans managed to break into the Soviet defenses to a depth of 6-30 km. However, a larger enemy forces was not enough. March 15 stopped the German advance, and already March 16 Red Army launched the Vienna offensive.

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