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Overhauled Mines Map
2016-10-31 16:00:00 / News

When we added a test version of Mines to training rooms back in Update 3.1, it was our intention to gather feedback from the community – and you delivered! We’re pleased to announce that Mines is new and improved for Update 3.3, thanks to your input!

L-R: The original Mines map and the new version.

Charging Up the Hill

In the original Mines, it was all about capturing the central hill. Doing so guaranteed control of the map and the flag, giving whoever held it a huge advantage. Unfortunately, it also created a big disadvantage for anyone whose vehicles couldn’t quickly charge up the steep slopes, leaving them to hope their quicker teammates could get the job done.

In the new Mines, we changed both the cover and approach angles of the central hill, and moved the flag from the top of it to the town on the eastern flank. This means that the central hill is still important because it’s a fantastic vantage point, but it no longer guarantees full control of the map.

The Boys Are Back in Town

The small grouping of buildings on the original version of the map wasn’t much of a town, and players (especially those in heavy tanks) tended to avoid it. We relocated the flag to this location and increased the amount of buildings and cover, making it a much more viable location. From the central hill, you’ll have a decent look into the area, but it isn’t complete. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of cover.

This added protection also means the town is a good stage for heavy tank combat, as they can brawl up close and personal without having to worry about being hit by long-range fire.

The Lighthouse No Longer Lights the Way

The ridge around the lighthouse used to present an interesting alternative to the central hill, as taking and controlling that area could often force a prolonged battle or draw. While it still provides a few options for supporting teammates taking the hill, we reduced the cover in the area to mitigate players who might spend the entire battle hiding out on the ridge.

Other Improvements Added new map voiceovers and sound effects. Smoothed the terrain to make sure players were less likely to “snag” their tank. Fixed geometry/textures that allowed players to get inside buildings. Removed unplanned entrances to certain areas. Added new grass and visual effects, including warmer lighting. Added a few surprises for more powerful devices. Thanks to all players who helped us by providing their feedback!

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