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AMX-13-90 – French light tank. Developed in 1946-1949, respectively, and repeatedly modernized, and mass-produced in France from 1952 to 1964, and under license in Argentina in 1968-1985, respectively.

Review without unnecessary numbers and calculations
13 90 with a drum of 6 shots. Lt. only at this level. Ride it will remain only positive emotions. Quick, agile, with a good weapon.
13 90 in the right hands can decide the outcome of almost any battle. Spun TT is not a problem. Not to mention the different and not agile PT ACS.
Обзор AMX 13 90
First of all, put a harp. Then the engine and has a weapon. The radio we have investigated AMX12t

I have to say, will throw to the 10th level very often, so will have to play very carefully, to go to another base and shining Art, you can, but more good if competently will highlight certain areas, and shoot enemy fireflies. Believe in 13 to 90 are very successful.
We got to 10-9 th levels . Just go in the direction of art – Lt. Where usually eat these tanks. Neat highlighted and rolled back or forward to the Allies continue to push for direction. You can wander for some time not far from the base, waiting for the enemy of the world. In the middle of a fight, you can kill lonely soldiers or the enemy team, or go for Arta. The choice is yours.
We got to the eighth level. Although it happens rarely, but then should not relax. Again, we go to the same position of Art. We resolve everything that can. If successful scenario with a single drum can delete any item, and any Fri 8 and below. But if it will resolve the FBG. 13, 90 is able to quickly change firing points.

General recommendations
The top gun charges about 40 seconds. Keep this in mind before you fly headlong to the position of Art. It may be that you just do not have time to recharge before you encounter an enemy tank.
Armor 13 90 Mouse does not like, do not forget it. Tanking it means certain death. The main thing to move more.
Do not stop in the middle of the field, that would vytselit enemy Firefly. Follow him. If you are sure that will be taken on the go, do not waste this opportunity. Almost any Firefly die with your 2-3 shots. You have the right for 1-2 errors
Do you remember the perfect killer Fri, LTL, and a sauna. You are afraid to meet ahead of more than TT.

little TTX
Обзор AMX 13 90
Good dynamics
weapon with a drum mechanism 6 shots
Excellent review. Complete with coated optics, you will see very far
large scatter guns on the move.
vertical aiming angles like all Frenchmen do not impress
The low accuracy and penetration
40-second cooldown drum

Optional modules
There are already on the fan, it all depends on your style of play
Option 1) coated optics, ventilation, torsion
Option 2) coated optics, ventilation, reinforced actuators pickup
Putting the telescope did not see the point, unless of course you are not going to play as points. Then the modules are as follows
Option 3) telescope, camouflage net, reinforced drive pickup

As for consumables
Repair kit, first aid kit, fire extinguisher. Here the standard

Example configuration
Обзор AMX 13 90

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