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Tiger Porsche (Tiger (P)) is in reality designed alternative to Tiger Henschel. As a result, it is the latter was adopted and massively participated in real battles . A Tiger Porsche has remained at the draft stage. But the game developers have corrected this deficiency, so that everyone can pump the heavy German tank seventh level and to participate in it in virtual battles.

In general, a Porsche Tiger balanced car , so is unlikely to be seriously balanced Edit. Major advantages in the form of precise breakdown guns and strong armor balanced equally serious disadvantages in the form of the transmission front location and weak dynamics, due to which the tank is a desirable target for artillery. But first things first.

Обзор и история танка Tiger (P) в игре World of Tanks

Let’s start with the pros whom Tiger Porsche still more. First is a top instrument KwK 43 L / 71 caliber 88 mm, which is usually a shell hit 203 mm and sabot – 237 mm . Average damage is 240 units when in the rate of 6.98 shots per minute. As a result, damage per minute is 1,675 . A good precision (0.34) is balanced by reducing long (2.9).

damage per minute is hardly good, he frankly low. For example, the Soviet IS it is about 1900 units. But a great accuracy and allows you to break through the Tiger Porsche hit targets at any distance, to which the same IP is no longer able. Spoils the impression only the reduction in 2.9 seconds, with the shootings at the middle distance, as you have noticed and have to shoot as quickly as possible, it can be a serious problem. But in the end, great penetration and accuracy must be balanced by something.

Second book leaves a good impression: the forehead has several housing plates 200 mm thick. Claimed armor forehead tower noticeably thinner: only 100 mm, but it compensates for durable mask tools. Armor sides and stern (the same applies to the tower) is 80 mm. But the problem is that Tiger Porsche in front projection has several large vulnerable zones: the lower frontal part (80 mm), small beveled plate on each side of the strap over the top of the front part (only 60 mm) and large observation devices (armor is not there in general, punched absolutely all). Yes, and mask weapons has differentiated book so that its penetration is not such a rarity.
experienced opponents in close combat without labor strikes you, even if you hide the lower frontal part in the “lights” that is, the very sloping plate. In the clinch Tiger Porsche breaks easily and monitoring devices. But, firstly, the percentage of skilled players in a randomly fights, to put it mildly, is low. Secondly, in the medium and long range hit in sensitive areas will be a pure coincidence. Like many well-armored tanks, Tiger Porsche can effectively play the “Cancellation” in the middle and long distance.

Third , review is a top of the tower 380 meters [1,999,006], while increasing it with the coated optics – is 418 meters. On open maps it is a significant advantage. Add to this also the exact breakdown gun. Fourth, this safety margin 1450 units, only 50 units less than the maximum parameter for this level.

main lack Tiger Porsche is the weak mobility. The stated maximum speed of 35 km / h can be achieved only with a slide as the power density is slightly less than 11 hp per tonne. The speed of rotation of the chassis is 22 degrees per second, and the permeability is so small that on soft ground speed drops to almost 10 km / h. Even the tower rotates slowly (23 degrees per second), so if you get knocked down a caterpillar, then tighten Tiger Porsche will not be a problem.

Обзор и история танка Tiger (P) в игре World of Tanks

Another drawback is the front-mounted transmission. What can I say, a Porsche is a German Tiger tank, so often burns in contact with the lower frontal part. Often Crete and combat pack, which is located in front of the body, and in the tower. Substitute under fire board is not recommended, but to do so it may be difficult: Tiger Porsche though not distinguished by great width, but it is very long, it is easy to hit, even from long distances.

Another drawback is the mediocre vertical aiming angles: gun rises to 17 degrees and down only 6. On the hilly terrain it can be a serious problem. Where American tanks can only show a strong shot to the forehead of the tower, you have to go to all the body and expose, for example, the lower part of the vulnerable.

Thus, the main characteristics we examined now for tactics . Overall, Tiger Porsche, of course, is more suitable for shootings in the medium and especially long distances, in which you can realize an advantage in accuracy and review. But this does not mean that in the melee the German tank is completely defenseless. Of course, he has a large number of vulnerable areas in the forehead, but do not give their opponent vytselivat not stand still and constantly wag a little body from side to side.

In heavy Soviet tanks, of course, be an advantage in close combat due to high one-time damage, but their accuracy often prevents vytselivat vulnerabilities. Even with the full details they may miss the mark. At a meeting with the tanks above the level of the tank do not forget to put a diamond sheet thickness of the frontal armor of 200 mm, but they are without any inclination, so that the majority of the opponents of higher levels without problems will punch you right in the forehead.

In general, if possible, it is necessary to impose on the enemy at long range firefights and play from the shelter. Do not forget that Tiger Porsche has low mobility , so it is often on how to shoot guns, and PT-ACS. But if you are in the top of the list (that is caught in a fight to the mainly fifth and sixth levels), then sit back not worth it. Play by armor and a large margin of safety, pressed direction and cover less armored allies.

Обзор и история танка Tiger (P) в игре World of Tanks

Selects equipment is not a big problem: rammer, drives and optics. The latter can be replaced and improved ventilation, but a significant increase in the survey is still preferable to a small gain to all the characteristics of the tank. Putting the telescope does not make sense: a Porsche Tiger heavy tank, therefore still stand behind the bushes have very rarely.

Selects skills and skills as standard: paramount importance repair and sixth sense commander. Then you can take the combat brotherhood or individual perks. For example, charging a good skill is a non-contact combat pack, from the driver – clean and tidy. Radio operator should take to increase the radio interception and so rather big review.

To change a fire extinguisher in a standard set of equipment for chocolate should not be. As already mentioned above, according to the German tradition of mission is at the front, so that the fire after hitting the bottom of the frontal part are not uncommon. Of course, the cleanliness and order of skill reduces the likelihood of fires, but not really.

In conclusion it should be noted that Tiger Porsche is a classic German cars, focused mainly on long-range combat. On many machines of this nation unless it distinguishes good booking of the forehead, which is a significant advantage.

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