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A second general test update 9.7, which runs from 19 to 26 March, has caused a mixed reaction among the players, and many are disillusioned with the new patch. What is the reason? To understand this, we also took part in the test, and made some important conclusions.

So what’s new promises patch 9.7? Major updates only two – the new French tanks and new map “Overlord”. Of the less important – new decals shells hit, correcting some errors in the maps and models of tanks, etc. Also on the test developers rolled out new premiumnyh machine T-54 1st sample and M56 Scorpion, but they will come in later updates.

Interestingly, the first general test patch 9.7 was more radical, it was tested low broneprobitie shells and a number of medium tanks PT-ACS, but the second iteration of the test, it was cleaned. In addition, on March 23 came mikroobnovlenie, which also fixes a few not too critical errors that do not make sense to focus – all the information is on the official website of the game. Here we will talk about some of his personal experiences.

A new technique

In the new French branch (or rather – poluvetki) includes two RT (both Level II) and five CT (III, IV, V, IX and X levels). Low-level tanks of no special interest, and even promising Somua S35 (III level), which could be similar to a premium imbovy Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f), was not very pleasant in the game. The main attention is paid players new top tanks – AMX 30 January-er prototype (IX level) and AMX 30B (X level), and we also take a closer look at them.

AMX 30 1- er prototype. This tank was surprisingly pleasant and comfortable in the game, he has a good gun (X level, it is also used on the top-end machine), mobility, good UVN and unusual appearance. He has no armor, although there is nothing to be surprised – it’s French. We felt that this tank knowingly overlooked vododelov and many players – he is very good, and it can compete with the Japanese Type 61 and US M46 Patton.

AMX 30 B. In general, it repeats its predecessor – the same instrument, cardboard armor, good mobility. However, because of the location box behind his tower even more, which facilitates the task of the enemy aim and hit. However, we can not say that the tank much good – yes, it is good and quite comfortable, but it does not have its own “chips”, as it is in most high-end CT in the game. And this is his obvious disadvantage.

However, these new tanks have a significant negative – all this in the game already is. Look at the IX and X of the German branch levels PT with a top machine in the face of Leopard 1 – yes, it’s the same new French, they also do not have armor, and they have a nice gun. And even in the structure of the branches have something in common – at IX levels are prototypes, and X – has production machines. To some extent there is suitable and the Japanese branch, but the STB-1 is a strong tower and some features that give it personality.

And the French are new, unfortunately, no such personality.

We are not talking about TTX new technology, including a premium (although M56 Scorpion is very interesting, but much inferior to E25), since this is a test, and can still change a hundred times. While the premium necessary to change, so it is hoped that the T-54 first prototype will be much more interesting and playable.

A new map

We all remember how impatiently in previous patches players waiting new maps, and how disappointed were “Kharkov” and “Stalingrad”. And it is possible that “Overlord” will also become unable to meet the expectations.


The map is open, it almost makes saves from artillery, and has a lot of long-distance lumbago. In the middle of the map there is a “pot” – an outdoor area with understated relief that the players in the battle high level will be avoided. And on the map is very little natural shelter that could use heavy or medium tanks in positional shootout.

Although, of course, until you can not judge a map. Playing the test is very different from the game in the “real combat conditions” so that players can and will use all the features of this card. But as long as it does not cause feelings of elation or even pleasant emotions. Sorry.

Several important “little things”

Here are some changes that have been overlooked by the majority of players, in fact, turn out to be not quite so, and insignificant. For example – the return of former stabilization medium tank level X M48A1 Patton. All fans of this tank were disappointed (to put it mildly) nerf it in the distant patch 0.8.0, and quickly he lost his position. And now, the erstwhile accuracy “Patton” is back!

On the test tank shows very well, his circle of information remains the same in all corners of the tower and small increases when the body. Projectile flies again on target even when shooting on the move and in the arcade sight that gives a lot of pleasure. Fans of “Patton” certainly will appreciate it and will tell developers “thank you”.

Updated game chat

changes undergone and game chat, although the change is somewhat strange, and more like on the bug – it is now in bold. While this is quite unusual, but messages are now more visible and attract attention. So it is very likely that important messages will reach passionate battle players. Although frankly say that this update does not add to the aesthetics of the game.


Some conclusions

So what are unhappy players? In updating a lot of new tanks and a whole new map, is not that enough ?! The whole point here is the word “new”. Yes, like tanks and new map, but, contrary to expectations, does not extend the variety of techniques and maps in the game, but only increase the number of similar machines and locations. New French low-level LT and CT can not boast some outstanding features, even fewer individuals at high-level CT – all we’ve seen in the game, and more or less experienced players it’s just not interested.

Therefore, it is hoped and believe the promises of the developers that the more distant patches they show us something special and truly new. But will meet our expectations?

author Anton Malyutin
The article used the art Alexander “marm”

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