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[1,999,002] General [1,999,004] – Added a new event test mode. – Changed, rebalanced and clarified some LBZ. The changes will affect 36 objectives.
– For the fortified from 5 to 7 level adds the ability to battle for ur tanks 8 level.
[1,999,004] Tanks [1,999,004]
– To test supertesterami tanks added:
* German PT-ACS 8 level Kanonenjagdpanzer.
* Japanese heavy tank level 6 Tiger I.
* Soviet heavy tank IS-8 level 3 loading mechanism.
* Soviet light tank Level 3 BT-7A.
* Chinese medium tank 10 level 121B.
* Chinese Medium Tank Level 8 59-Patton.
[1,999,020] & gt; [1,999,022] & gt; – Reworked a new visual quality tanks: Wolverine, Type T-34, Leopard 1, Hummel, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, M48A1 Patton, Type58, SU-85, Cromwell, T26E4 SuperPershing, T32, Pershing, IS-3, AMX 50 120.
[1,999,004] – For all automatic guns and machine guns mounted range projectile 400 meters.
– Improved some parameters tanks
* A-20, BT-7, CV-13, used 8, IS-7.
* Durchbruchswagen 2, Pz.Kpfw. I, Pz.Sfl. IVc, Nashorn, Sturer Emil, VK 30.02 (d).
* Churchill Gun Carrier, Vickers Medium Mk. III, Vickers Medium Mk. II.
* M2 Medium Tank, T28 Prototype, T30.
* D1, B1, ARL V39, AMX 13 75
– tanks worsen some parameters: Conqueror Gun Carriage, AT 7.
Maps and points

– Fixed bugs and made improvements to the gameplay map, “Siegfried Line”, “Karelia”, “Sand River”, “airfield”, “Westfield” “Murovanka.”
– Map “Komarin” removed from the regime of random fights
– From the game client removed the resources map “North-West”.
– reduce the level of fighting card “Hidden Village”.
– Added a new map for the test mode.
– to improve the effect on the cards, “Lasvill”, “Erlenberg”, “Siegfried Line”.


– Fixed some “hangs” and “crashes” the game client.
– Added individual discounts on the premium account.
– Reworked tips on the loading screen combat.
– Added a warning about the imminent opportunity to explore or buy a new module on the tank.
– The interface is added to the combat effectiveness of combat ribbons marking the effective actions of the player during the fight.
– Fixed a lot of errors and defects in the new features the team fights.
– Fixed some interface flaws and game mode “fortified”.
– Fixed “jerks” in terms of information howitzer mode.
– Reworked the effects of the destruction of certain objects in the environment.
– Fixed some minor interface flaws.

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