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Hi guys! Games Arcade – appeared for a long time, This term refers to the primitive, the ease and simplicity. If you find an area with such a toy, then you can be as fun and relax. Arcade is a whole genre, but it is divided into a genre. For example, to arcades include genres…   [ далее ]

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Hello, Tankers! August 12, 2014 MMO game «World of Tanks» 4 years old! Yahuu! Egegey! This feast of the spirit of some sort! In honor of this very enjoyable event we offer you a wonderful, yet simple recipe for a favorite dish of game developers. baked potatoes, vintage recipe CVG Average size oblong potatoes washed,…   [ далее ]

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Konnichiva, Tankan! [1999007 ] August 2, 2014 of Wargaming.net was 16 years old and in honor of this event, developers MMO games “World of Tanks” launched a special festive hangar, which will be active from 1 to 14 August 2014 [1,999,005 ] And each of us will be surprised – Japanese light tank second level…   [ далее ]

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WoT 0.9.2 Bolsen modpack Friends, comrades, soldiers! As promised – spread for all to see fashion, which I use myself in Patch 0.9.2 MMO game “World of Tanks”. I minimally modified client – installed only the most necessary and useful fashion. All variety of mods that is at the moment – think whistles-tarahtelkami that significantly…   [ далее ]

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