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Heh…. heheheh….

so, Panther 88′s price is getting reduced to 7300 gold and whoever bought it for full price will get 4200 gold compensation. So, basically, WG admits it was overpriced (so enjoy the gold you didn’t want to buy).

Still, a nice gesture with that compensation (even though I think everyone knows that if they reduced the price just so without anything, people would go totally mental). Wargaming is getting careful. Of course, reduced price (as low as it is) does not make it a better tank, but now it’s at least worth thinking about. Still – 27,79 EUR, compared to JT88 31,33 EUR…. I’d get the Jagdtiger, or the FCM, which is now more expensive (36,7 EUR) but undisputably better.

Remember one thing. By buying it now, you won’t be saving 4200 gold. You’ll be spending money for 7300 gold worth of merchandise.

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