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it was leaked earlier that the supertesters will be testing new German tier 5 medium tank, Panzer III Ausf.K. So far, no pictures or stats appeared, but we’ll have a look at this vehicle today from the historical point of view.

First off, it’s not a fake, as some claimed on forums. It’s a paper design from 1942, that was really considered as an upgrade to the aging Panzer III. Basically, they took the Ausf.J hull and added a turret from Panzer IV (presumably Ausf.G). It’s a very obscure vehicle, that was described in Panzer Tracts as such:


And that’s all we know about it, so you can expect most of the statistics to be “fake” – based on balance rather than historicity. It will likely be slower than both the Panzer IV and Panzer III/IV for example due to the increased weight. The role of this vehicle is unclear as well, my guess is it’s not a regular premium tank for sale but some event/reward thing, but who knows. We’ll just have to see.

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