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here’s an interesting design I think, check this out.


During my recent chat with V.Francev, a subject of Škoda repair logs came up. As many historians would confirm, factory repair logs (as in, what was repaired, when and for how long) are a true goldmine, when it comes to information and V.Francev happens to be in possession of complete wartime Škoda repair logs.

One interesting thing that popped up in them in 1941 (if I remember correctly) was a record of two vehicles repaired in 1941 (after the Soviet Union invasion). They were German-made field conversions of the (by now obsolete) Panzer 35t (Czechoslovak LT Vz.35). The Germans removed the turret and added some sort of superstructure along with the 47mm Czechoslovak AT gun, used in the well-known Panzerjäger I. Unfortunately, no photo or description of these vehicles survived, so the picture above represents only my impression of how the vehicle might have looked like. No further fate of these vehicles was recorded.

WoT-wise, the design is pretty much pointless, as Germany has shitloads of well-documented lowtier TD options left. Historically wise however, it represents a good example of how much actually happened during the wartime years and how much information was lost. There are many, MANY things waiting to be discovered in the archives, Czechoslovak artillery archive alone has still decades worth of research left apparently. Oh well, let’s hope more and more interesting designs see the light of day :)

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