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Per Aspera Ad Astra

Per aspera ad astra – «through the thorns to the stars “, well-known saying of the ancient Roman philosopher Lucius Seneca.

Friends, the other day komrad evening in Odom from LJ material published a very curious about his vision of a 152-mm guns in the MMO game” World of Tanks “. So:

What is it?

The day before yesterday in the comments about Tanchiki originated discussion about another monster foreign tank building and a little doosmysliv written, I have decided to make their views in a separate post. Subject is not original, in one form or another has to suck as in our forums and abroad, but I just want to look at it from a slightly different angle.

Recently, the game World of Tanks introduced new branches of light tanks. Topom Americans now favor T49 broads with big caliber 152 mm. Despite some concerns we can already say that imby failed. The machine can ignite enemies in the right hands, but not random tearing and fate of the second KIPO it is not threatened, but flies like the best cars in the game Need For Speed ​​Rivals Deluxe, Click the following link and you will know more in the portal mygamecore. com.

idea can be developed, side to get interesting the cumulative effect of which below.

Starships for battle!

propose to introduce the game of mini branch of American high tanks 8-10 level, the main chip which will have the same 152 mm broads, with slight modifications.

On 8 level rises prototype starship – M60A1E2

Machine assembled on a trolley from the M48 the original tower. There were 4 different prototypes, including quite exotic, which can be taken in the awards / rewards for knowledge base.

In stock reminds T95E2, which is already in the game at level 8, respectively, strongly pull the owl is not necessary.
Chassis: M48 – & gt; M60A1E2
Towers: M60A1E2 prototype D (the one that from T95) – & gt; M60A1E2 prototype A (B or C, in general, the one that looks like a spaceship tower).
Cannon: with guns in general expanse, as the tower of T95 climbs entire zoo designed for T95 series and even a little more, top-end tower climbs too all. Proposes to limit the following set: the starting gun HM81, a little better – usually 90 mm M41E1 from T95E2. * If you have a hangar T95E2 get a little bonus in the form of experience, saved her research. Then there are the M81 and HM162 with the best characteristics of precision / rate of fire.
Ammunition for the 90 mm – BB podkoly and landmines. Ammunition for 152mm – landmines / Kuma. By the way, there may be landmines funny – M657 HE-T, where “T” means “tracer”. If you enter starships, let alone then shoot lasers. Who watched the “Fury”, he will understand.
radios and engines at will within the balance.
investigated by T49.

9 level – actually M60A2 “spaceship” in all its glory.

There is a transition from branch to Patton 9th level.

fatter, faster and more precisely prototype. Chassis: M60A1E2 – & gt; M60A2
Towers: M60A2 – & gt; M60A2 late
Cannon: M81E1, M162, M162 late
Radios and dviglo to taste.

Level 10 – then plug

You can go in two directions. The first reason is that Americans, in connection with the general dampness filling starships, constantly looking for ways to cram into it for something more reliable in terms of firepower. The proposals were gun from MBT-70 HM150 – longer broads 152 mm L7 in the good old-fashioned version of M68, and two variants of 120 mm – T123E6 from T96 and L11A2 from Chieftain. Who are interested, you can read more here: https://archive.org/details/GunOptionsI M60A1E2

But I’m more impressed with another option – further development caliber. Therefore, I propose to consider the possibility of introducing the game prototype MBT-70 with 152 mm gun XM150 and autoloader 3-4 projectile. Here is:
– voluntarist. Stupidly take and say that the missiles will not. The question “Why?”, The answer was “no plans” / “KTTS” / “if someone does not like it, do their tanks with the priestesses of Apollo and international drafts.” Especially, all known precedents. Kamorny armor-piercing projectiles and other exotic still has not entered anything. Despite the fact that the Japanese they fought the war.

Option 2 – Creative. Everyone remembers what effect entry into the game tanks with drums. Surprised many, came a few. However, more often a cry of suffering that since the time of the reels in the game does not appear anything new. “New Frontier” does not count.

Now the game has a two and a half clearly distinct types of tanks. The first – a universal classic, effectively working on medium-long distances. Second – drums, the choice of masters, the most effective at short range. Half – fugasomety that kind of the first version but good in close combat.

So why not introduce a guided missile of the first generation as a third option, which will chip high precision at long range and slightly drooping glory cumulative return? Ubervaffe? Let’s see.

According to its damaging effect Shileyla, used in the above tanks, refers to the cumulative-explosive ammunition with the stated broneprobitiem 393 mm. As we remember, cumulative recently not they rule since changed the mechanics of their actions and getting into a harp or bulwarks IS-3 leads to a spectacular sound “P-sh-sh-sh” and another curse to the developers. Therefore, it is necessary to shoot very accurately cumulative, what, in fact, guided missiles and different.

The speed of the missile – 320 m / s, this is sad. While the rocket to manage, it is necessary to stand still, and this, according to distances – 3.2 sec., A vulnerability factor. The missile is controlled via IR channel, which is also sad. Any interference and already she flies where God sends.

Mechanics shot might be: a single keystroke – starting in unmanaged mode, with a lot of cumulative normal broneprobitiem slowly flies somewhere falls. Effective when shooting at close range. Key while holding the rocket flies in a controlled manner – in sniper mode, you can adjust the flight in a small designated corridor – corridor width and speed maneuvering balanced characteristics. When any interference – tank pushed, it flew round, he moved, etc. – Rocket goes into unmanaged mode and flies in the latter given direction. That is, even in a drum version of the MBT-70 at the time of recharge inside the drum is added to the flight of the rocket in a controlled manner.

Additionally, you can increase the visibility of otbalansit after the shot. If you absolutely uporotyh, you can enter the minimum distance shot, which is not rocket platoon – 50-100 meters. Thereby forcing raketovodov switch to landmines in the melee.

Actually, there is a proposal to replace or supplement these tanks cumulative missiles and see what happens.
I finished, thank you for your attention!

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