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Operation StuG IV

On January 15 World [1,999,009] of [1,999,010] Tanks started first campaign of personal combat missions. Many players have already completed the first stage and got their first prize StuG IV. Let’s see how this estimate Tank Destroyers players of Aces and Wot-TOP:


Operation T 28 Concept

StuG IV – this is only the first step towards the desired goal. We are waiting for a new trial, and at stake – T28 Concept. What is this self-propelled gun and how it took place in the history of tank development – read the material from the guys from Wot-All and Wot-Planet:


Operation T -55 A

rates rise! Fulfill the conditions of the third military operation, as a reward you will get the German medium tank IX level of T-55A. This Soviet-made tank was delivered to the Army of the GDR, and is an improved version of the T-55. And what is it in the game? The answer is looking for in these materials:


Operation “Object 260 “

The grand prize for the performance of all four military operations of the campaign” The long-awaited reinforcements “- Soviet heavy tank level X” Object 260 “. Read reviews of the heavy tank of the guys from Wot-News and Wot-Noobs:


Guidelines for the Implementation of personal combat missions

result in execution of combat missions alone, but the ways of achieving it can be different. Players from Wot-Planet and Wot-LoL prepared for you a guide on the implementation of personal combat missions on light tanks and self-propelled guns:

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