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Recently Evilly mentioned that we will surprise associated with the crews. The surprise will be able to get girls tankistok a tank crew. When you get four tokens for performing 15 missions (you will need 20 tokens for each tank), you get a Tank Girl with experience sufficient for one specialization.

In each mission in a personal job will not only be a major challenge but the secondary by doing that you get a big reward. As an example, the two most basic mission of the chains for StuG IV.
First Mission on the LT – get into the top 10 on the experience reward for it – 50k silver. But if you can survive in this case, you will get additional 25k silver.
The second mission on TT – to destroy the enemy tank 1, the reward for it will be 50k silver. But if you can do more in this 1000 damage, you will get additional 25k silver.

It is important, added clarification on obtaining tokens

Let will understand the system of tanks and getting tokens and generally in all of these missions. And so, for each tank has 5 chains each with 15 missions. Access to the chain will be consistent, that is, first Stug IV, then a concept, then the T55A and the last object is 260. For the tank must earn 20 tokens. Each final mission in the chain gives 4 + 1 token token if you have completed the final task additional task. Same way you can not miss your popular with the chain (eg artillery) and perform all the final assignments additional tasks and receive 20 tokens.

In addition, for the performance of the primary and secondary tasks, you will receive a Woman Tank Girl, with enough experience for one specialization 500k + silver for an extra challenge.

Example missions to retrieve the object 260:

* On RT – do you have to be lighted cause damage 8000, to perform additional tasks necessary that your glows 5 tanks destroyed
* On CT – accumulate 20,000 damage, causing blocking and his armor (the amount of the damage and armor blocked) to perform additional tasks necessary to survive and win
* On CT – destroy enemy 3+ PT, which are at least 1 level above you to perform additional tasks necessary to survive and win 3k + inflict damage.
* Fri – inflict 10,000 damage to perform a secondary task, you must destroy tanks 5+
* Artillery – to take first place on the experience and the damage to perform secondary tasks necessary to survive.

That somehow, and yes, as said Evilly, the length of one of the season will be about six months .

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