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Sorry for the delay, had a really busy day :) Anyway, everyone of you know the M113 APC, right? Standard American pre-Bradley armored troop carrier. There were several sub-variants, some rather strange. This M113 has a flamethrower for example. The photo is from the Vietnam War, specifically the village of Ben Suc, Cu Chi region north of Saigon, January 1967.

M113 flamethrower Ben Suc village Cu Chi region north of Saigon January 1967

This is the M113 ACAV. Basically, they mounted some extra machineguns, gunshields and a recoilless rifle. A whole bunch of them was given/sold to Cambodia (where this photo is from).

M113 RCL Cambodia

Another photo from Cambodia, this time showing the recoilless rifle being used against Khmer Rouge. If you are interested, I actually wrote about the history of the vehicle on the AW portal (you can ignore the game parts).

M113 RCL Cambodia 1974 versus Khmer Rouge

This is another kitted M113, this time from Lebanon. The gun on top is the Soviet 23mm AA twin ZU-23-2. Pretty brutal in anti-ground role and one of the favourites of local militias and terrorists alike due to its ability to be carried by a pick-up truck. Uncharacteristically, this version actually has decent shields…

M113 with ZU-23-2 Lebanon

…unlike this one. Two anti-aicraft 14.5mm KPV machineguns on an AA mount, the weapon is known as ZPU-2. Kitbashed, of course.

M113 ZPU

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