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This photo is generally known I think but it doesn’t hurt to remind :)

L-60 Dominican 1965

The general belief is that Swedish tanks (well, apart from the Toldi) were never really used in battle. That is – for the most part – true, but as usual, there are exceptions. Around two dozen of the Landsverk L-60 light tanks were sold to the Dominican Republic after the war, specifically in 1956. At that time they were of course hopelessly obsolete but against a bunch of guys with pre-war rifles, they were more than enough. Or so it was thought. Then came the Dominican Civil War in 1965 and the American intervention (Operation Power Pack) with it. Three of the old Landsverks got into a battle with the Americans and were knocked out – two by tanks (or a M50 Ontos, account vary), one by an infantry recoilless rifle.

This vehicle was most likely taken out by a M48 Patton. As you can see, the 90mm gun did a number on it. If the crewmen survived (which I doubt), they probably learned an important lesson. Sending pre-war tanks to fight an MBT is not exactly a good idea.

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