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Pictures from the plant named after VA Malyshev

Hi friends, I offer you a reasonably interesting photo essay from the Kharkov State enterprise “Plant named after VA Malyshev, “that in Ukraine, made during a visit to the company president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko October 11, 2014 and posted on the web-site of the Kharkov « Status Quo » .

In the photo essay shows produced for Thailand under the 2011 contract known tanks “MBT-T” (the second production batch of ten machines), modernized versions of the tanks in the T and T-64B1M 64BM2 also APCs family BTR- 4 (including the first prototype of the BTR-4 MB).
Фоторепортаж с завода имени В.А. Малышева, http://gosu-wot.com

“In November, the State Enterprise” Plant. Malyshev “(Kharkiv) significantly increase the volume of production at the expense of new orders,” – said on 11 October, during a meeting with the staff of the company president Petro Poroshenko. According to him, with the assistance of the personnel managed to keep the plant that tried to bankrupt, although it produces modern technology, in particular, the tank “Stronghold” and BTR-4. “Our BTR-4 has proven effective, and now it is a queue of customers” – said the president of Ukraine.

He also thanked the staff of the company for his work. “When it was necessary to fulfill defense orders, you began to work in two or three shifts,” – said the president of Ukraine. Poroshenko visited an exhibition of armored vehicles, which are produced at the plant, and visited the assembly shop.
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told reporters CEO Plant Nikolai Belov, tank “Stronghold”, which showed the President of Ukraine – the most protected in the world, according to Ukraine. “It has two thermal imager, commander’s panoramic sight, the engine capacity of 1200 hp, antitank missiles, automatic transmission. In the world of little tanks that can compete with the “bulwark”, but our tank is cheaper, “- said Belov.

Plant. Malyshev specializes in the production and modernization of armored vehicles. Executes orders MoD MAT: In eastern Ukraine sent T-64BV1 and BM “Bulat” and BTR-4E. Executes orders of foreign countries.

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