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Players of servers World of Tanks

As it all began?

Originally the entire game and accompanying information (eg, your posts on the forum and our materials on this portal) is stored, processed and distributed to all the facilities of a server cluster. Server cluster – a group of interconnected computers that act as a single resource. Initially, the first cluster of World of Tanks is located in Munich, and in 2011 he was transferred to Russia.

Then the players were very excited because Ping immediately fell and was “all right.” But since the cluster was one, and the servers had to be restarted several times a week, during their downtime, no tanker could not get into the game.

To no one was sad to version 0.7.0 servers were upgraded to multicluster technology. Changes in the structure of the interaction of individual parts of the cluster led to the division of the center and the periphery. Functional separation is: Centre – is a database that stores all the user data, and peripherals – all other servers where, in fact, played by users. At the time of this writing, all games serviced by nine periphery. All play on the periphery, in the center, no one plays, but that the center serves the periphery. If the center does not work – users can not enter the game, but will continue to play if you are already logged in.

Where are game servers?

specialized building to house the server hardware called a data center, and the data center closer to the users, the better.

Therefore servers Wargaming company geographically dispersed across all regions of the game. Three data center located in Moscow. In one of them placed equipment immediately for three games: World ° F Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. The other two sites in Moscow is a total of four periphery, and in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk maintain the server and RU4 RU8. In Europe – three data centers: Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Luxembourg. American servers are on the east and west coasts, there are Korean and Singaporean clusters to serve the Asian region. Chinese cluster partners operate.

server structure is very flexible and allows you to quickly make changes. From the perspective of system administrators do not care what kind of material costs on servers: “tanks” if, “planes” or “ships”.

How many computers is necessary to play it?

When World of Tanks placed all on the same cluster, the maximum permissible load for him was online in the 250-270 thousand users. This cluster was about a hundred servers that function as a single unit. Load limit rested in a physical base, and foreign channels provider. When online are 250,000 players, the load on the communication channels – order 7.6 Gb / s tr Afik (ie a standard 1.4 GB movie in flies on them every 2 seconds) .

Today, at the expense of increasing the number of peripheries projects are not limited by anything, and problems are solved as they become available. One physical server designed for 2.5-3 thousands of users and peak traffic around 60-70 Mbit / s. The usual cluster combines 50 to 80 servers, some peripherals allow them to quickly add servers, but usually the server racks in the data center, and so used to the maximum.

As users get game updates?

Trained people – build engineers – preparing patches for each game update. Patch – file with information that will replace any part of the game program, and will make the latest updates to the gameplay a specific user. To allow users to download the patch, it is poured on CDN (ContentDeliveryNetwork “Content Delivery Network”) , and give to the company’s server . If the size of the patch is greater than 30 MB, then in order to increase efficiency and speed distribution for a torrent file is created, which will also wait for the user’s request to CDN [1,999,018].

When the user runs the game launcher refers to the update server and receives a link to a patch or a torrent file, depending on whether or not you setting “Allow use torrent” in the launcher.

As users get into the game?

You can get to any server from any region. If a user is logged on RU -clusters, he can go to any of the peripheries. By default, the settings of the client is registered automatically selects the periphery, and the player’s authorization request passes through a sophisticated algorithm that not only repelled by the ping user, but also assesses the overall load on the server. If the server X in Russia is loaded more than the server Y , the user gets to the server Y . In general, the system can it in Amsterdam or send Novosibirsk. But the user himself can choose the server, for example, if he is always playing with friends on the third server, the client settings the player chooses the fourth server, and since then, will always fall on the fourth, even with a busy periphery. Just have a little stand in the queue.

Where the hangar, and where war, and what happens when the player presses the button ” In the battle! “?

There are servers that serve the users, eg, they are playing process, the process of finding in the hangar or login process. There are those who do not serve users, and work with system information.

For example, when the user runs the launcher, it falls into the login process. Authorization request is sent through internal channels in a single point of authentication, which confirms that the correct password for the user and can be put into play. After logging in the user enters the hangar, and the management of its data is transferred to another process.

This means that the actual server fails over to a player can not fail to notice the error and calmly finish your session. For example, when a large load to the periphery – online more than a hundred thousand people – a cluster can break down and need to be restarted. But if you drop out of the process, only one physical server, then the rest of the cluster will remain in working condition, due to which the user and continue the game.

The biggest trouble can occur if the failure would be the one is the server on which the player has been authorized. Then when you try to log into the game the user will receive a message stating that it is connected to other peripherals.

solves the problem of restarting the periphery, since the database stays on the label that the user stayed at the periphery and at the periphery – the user is in such a game process which is on a server that has broken. While this label comes off, the player can not enter anywhere, but the trick is that this is done for the benefit and for the benefit of users.

technically possible to “let” users and other peripherals, when account freezes, but then a two-hour progress “hung” periphery will be lost, since account every two hours should be maintained in the database. So in this case it is better to wait than to lose Medals Raseynyaya heroes, who had just received.

In order to ensure safe and smooth operation of the network and server equipment is widely used redundancy and duplication. For example, duplicate hard drives are logically one if one goes down the drive of the two – the data will remain available to the server and everything will work. Each server has four network cards, united in pairs – one for communication between servers within a cluster, one – to communicate with the players. Servers in the new data centers are equipped with two power supply units that are connected to different power input to the data center, which, according to the requirements summarized from different sides of the building and from different energy suppliers (where possible). Channels for connecting servers to the Internet are taken from independent suppliers and must be supplied to the data center for independent physical paths. So it may happen that the damage occurred did not notice any of the players. Another two or three years ago not to notice technical failure was impossible, but now is the paradise on earth.

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