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Players Sound Off on Edelweiss and Nameless
2016-09-23 17:00:00 / News

Edelweiss and Nameless, the results of our collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles, have rolled into Blitz. If you’re thinking about dropping the coin for either (or both!) of these unique tanks, we went to the community and got some extra opinions to help you decide!

On Both “I love the slightly higher alpha at tier VII. Not having to pay to resupply camo after every match is nice as well. I really like the Edelweiss, a.k.a. “Gnome Wagon,” because you get a lot of bounced shots for a medium tank.”  – Grayghost2000 “They’re not OP by any means, but pretty lethal in their own right. What sells them for me is that they fit my game style and they’re both fun to play.” – _War_Child_ “They’re both great, no joke. I’m very pleasantly surprised at how they perform in battle.  You can’t go wrong with either — just depends, would you rather have a tier VII medium tank or a tier VII heavy tank?” – Lokeen

On Edelweiss “Played about 40 games in this tank, with a nearly-80% win rate. Not only that, but I’m averaging 2.2k damage in it. I barely have that much in my tier X tank. Anyone else having as much fun in this thing as I am?” – Darkest_Flame “I think Edelweiss has to be one of the better tier VII Premium tanks after [the] Type 62, Rudy, and SU-122-44.” – brick_tank “This tank is definitely one of a kind. It has skill, swag, and anime collectability. It also makes tons of Credits. I totally recommend this tank for all.” – Bobthebob5

On Nameless “Nameless is kind of like [the] Tiger but probably better because it’s not flat. It is decently fast.” – Bolo_MkXX_Tremendous_DMD “I don’t even have 10 games in either tank, but I already had games of over 3k damage in each. I just got a 4k damage game in Nameless. Nameless seems to be a little more consistent in play.” – _Weeping_Angel_

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