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C 9 to March 12, passes crucial stage Wargaming.net League Silver Series.

As a result of the group round undecided 8 best teams in the tournament, who are fighting each other in the playoffs for the title Silver Series.

Collectives, published in the playoffs:

Headquarters and portal Aces.gg will show all matches round of the playoffs. Broadcast started March 10 – at 19:00 Moscow time. Do not miss!

Broadcast on our Twitch-channel and Online Leagues :

19:00 (IIC): IG vs FUN_G .


Broadcast on Aces.gg TV2 :

19:00 (GMT) 1HP vs 4SIDE .

20:30 (IIC): GRA vs NOD .


Tournament draw

The results of the first day

Video of the draw

all the basic information about the League can be found in Guide Wargaming.net League .

Watch the match is to install an application WG Stream .

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