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Starting a new competition of poems – ” My favorite is the tank. ” At this time you will be required to show their talent and compose poetic quatrain about your favorite car from our game.

Tasks competition

The full terms and conditions of the contest can be found here .


poem in the form of “powder” stanza in which the second rhyme and the fourth line, the number of syllables per line – 9, 8, 9, 2. In these verses capital letters and punctuation marks are absent, and the shortest, the last syllable line is often the most important and helps to create witty miniatures unexpected outcome.



[1,999,012] prize fund

[1,999,008] [1,999,034] Winners will receive [1,999,032] 3000 + 14 days of premium account + Gift Set “Guns of Victory” .

[1,999,008] In addition, several spetsprizёrov will be rewarded Gift Set “Warrior” .

At the discretion of the jury will be awarded special prizes.

Our partner

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Participate and win!

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