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In the near future our section World of Tanks expect significant changes. Change for the better. A significant part of these changes will affect the appearance of the section, because we are moving to a new site ESL Play! It is high time, you say, and you will be absolutely right. Big announcement to move to the new site, we will prepare later, but now we want to run a survey of the most prestigious tournaments – Go4WoT.

Let’s face it, in connection with the move, we plan to move the date of the weekly tournaments Go4WoT on the last day of the week – Sunday. This is due to certain internal routine ESL – tournaments all around the Go4 ESL, all without exception, the games and the countries are held on Sunday . But immediately want to note that without a positive decision the community we do not go to such drastic measures enough. That is why today is so important this topic!

Before you vote, you are requested to take into account a number of the following important points:

  • If there is a serious technical or organizational problem, the Sunday is always the problem can solve the highest leadership ESL, on Saturday there are no such leaders.
  • Sunday – a global day Go4 for all games and countries, the most popular.
  • European / Asian teams are automatically excluded from tournament, as they at the same time will pass their own tournament Go4.

If you are worried about what will happen later to finish the tournament, then that’s what we plan to do in order to minimize time loss:

  • First of all, these tournaments will be introduced interface BAPI , developed in conjunction with ESL Wargaming, which is to automate the process of creating a training room, as well as putting the results on the site . The effect of reducing time costs estimated at 10-15%.
  • Throughout the tournament, up to and including the final (possibly up to the semi-finals) matches will be held on the format of Best-of-three (one card to two victories, as it is now). In the finale – Best-of-five. It also significantly affect the duration of the tournament.
  • If need be, we will shift the start of the tournament for 1-2 hours before.

participated in the survey

Please sensibly assess your capabilities and vote. Also ask the users ESL, which are not planned in the near future to participate in Go4WoT abstain from voting, that it be as objective as possible and corresponds to reality.

You can ask your questions in the comments only in relation to the survey. We will try to answer them in detail. Questions on the move will be ignored, as we prepare to move a separate announcement.

Thank you!

Sincerely, your team admins
Staff CIS

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