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Hello warriors,

following are the developer answers from the “Portraits of victory” historical events. It’s not sure who exactly was answering but usually these are rather solid.

– Platoon individual missions were made to make players socialize and consult their progress with others;
– It’s possible there will be a skill MM on high tiers (as a separate mode);
– 7/42 mode was an experiment, during the development it was considered unplayable and it was changed;
– New motion physics will allow tanks to reach previously unreachable places but there will still be places you can’t go to for gameplay reasons in the game;
– It’s possible that the additional track links on the hull that will be added as a part of the customization upgrade will not be a part of the collision model and will be visual only;
– Around 20 people work in the anti-bot and anti-cheat department;
– Reworked historical battles will not come before mid-2016;
– Chinese TD’s were planned for this year but will most likely appear next year (as well as the Japanese heavies that are delayed to next year as well);
– Limited MM premiums will be removed from sales in order not to have pay to win element in WoT;
– It’s possible that strongholds will become a part of the new CW 2.0, they will be actively developed further;
– There will be “interesting” new game modes;
– It’s possible that T-50-2 will return as an alternative hull;
– FV4202 switch and Chieftain switch will not come anytime soon, even Storm does not know when;
– It’s possible that Havok will be scrapped altogether and developers will instead develop a new physics engine for the realistic destruction (or use another one);
– There will be no amphibious tanks;
– The HD/SD client split might appear at the end of May;
– Japanese tanks will not be nerfed;
– There will be “general changes” that will positively influence heavy tanks.

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