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In honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory Day on May 3 SC “Olympic” will be held grand celebration. The program of events – 7 floors with family entertainment, a huge game area, Olenёsha, contests with prizes from partners and a concert. The culmination of the show will be interactive congratulation for veterans from the players. Visitors to thank those who gave their lives to rushed to the attack, kept the defense and all the forces fighting for freedom. How impressive would be greeting depends on you!

How do I get a ticket?

You need to go to ticket page and login using Log “ in the upper right corner. Then click on the “Order ticket” and specify the number of tickets.

Once you get tickets, do not delete it from the “My Tickets”. When you delete a return ticket back to the system and it can be ordered by another user.

One ticket is valid for entry per person. Each player can receive no more than 3 tickets. The owner of the electronic ticket is not entitled to allow you to copy or transfer the ticket form to third parties, otherwise the organizers can not guarantee its passage to the event.

obtained a ticket you must print out and bring with you. The system does not pass reads codes with your mobile device.

When ordering tickets, use a computer, rather than mobile devices.

For a child older than 3 years need to take a ticket.

If after booking the ticket appears “Ticket formed”, you must re-enter the site after a while – the ticket will be available.

For all questions arising when ordering tickets, please contact Helpdesk .

Date: May 3, 2015.

Time: 11: 00-20: 00. Please do not be late depends on you greeting veterans! –

Location: “Olympic”, Moscow, Olympic Ave, 16 .

What you expect?

As part of the event will be the final of the National Cup of Russia and show the winner of the match tournament series “Portraits of Victory.” Qualifying round “Portrait of Victory” is already held in Brest, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Tula, Krasnodar, Minsk, Smolensk and Volgograd. Registration for pick-up games of the National Cup of Russia already open .

On stage awaits the band “Siskin & amp; Co », spectacular shows and congratulation for veterans from the players. Leading the event will be known shouvumen Jan Churikov and operating producer World of Tanks Anton Pankov. During the breaks they will hold contests with awards from partners and answer questions from players.

In a game zone will be available to more than 80 tablets WoT Blitz and more than 300 computers with W orld o f Tanks . For players who show the best results in the individual competition, prepared prizes from Wargaming and partners.

prize fund individual competition every hour

1st place 50000 + Gaming Headset SteelSeries Siberia Elite + gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival + gaming multitasking monitor LG UltraWide Series UM55 + glasses for computer Gunnar + Gift set of Soviet World of Tanks + World of Tanks: Rush + World of Tanks: Rush « second front “+ team model Zvezda
2nd 40000 + Keyboard SteelSeries 6G v2 + Gaming Mouse SteelSeries Sensei Raw black laser + tablet Acer Iconia Tab 7 + glasses for computer Gunnar + Gift set of Soviet World of Tanks + World of Tanks: Rush + World of Tanks: Rush «Second Front” + team model Zvezda
3rd place 30 000 + Gaming Mouse SteelSeries Sensei Raw black laser + playing surface MousePadSteelSeriesSSQCK World of Tanks + glasses for computer Gunnar + World of Tanks: Rush + World of Tanks: Rush «Second front “+ mug chameleon from a partner Hobby World + team model Zvezda
4th place 20000 + wireless mouse Smartbuy 505AG + Full-size headphones SmartBuy® PRESTIGE with integrated MP3-player + World of Tanks: Rush + World of Tanks: Rush + mug chameleon from a partner Hobby World + team model Zvezda
5th 10000 + Portable Bluetooth-column SmartBuy® BLAST + In-ear monitor SmartBuy® WILD LIFE. HOGGY + World of Tanks: Rush + World of Tanks: Rush + glass “KV-1C” from the partner Hobby World + team model Zvezda
Winner of the Day System unit from the “El Dorado” in the configuration: Core i5-4460 / 8Gb RAM / 1Tb HDD + 16 Gb SSD / NVidia GTX 970 4 Gb ddr5 / Win 8.1.

Interactive Entertainment for the whole family activities include 7 floors, kindergarten classes for children, the figure Olenёshi, cinema, photo zone. Anticipated games and contests with prizes.

On the street refresh and maintain morale will be at the field kitchen, where everyone can taste the real soldier’s food.

Since the number of players who have come to celebrate the success depends greeting veterans refuse Ticket if you are not sure you can attend the event.
If you have already booked a ticket, but you can not come – in the “M ou tickets at delete your ticket.
Before entering you will need to get in front of the entrance bracelet printed on the ticket. Access to the complex will be on the ticket and bracelet.
Please note that parking for private vehicles at the event are not available. Please use public transport to travel to the feast.
Stay tuned!

With the support of:

Partner event:


The company “Eldorado” Russia’s largest network of home appliances and electronics.

Geography of the company covers almost all regions of the Russian Federation. “El Dorado” is actively developing multi-channel sales and has more than 500 stores across the country.

“Eldorado” winner “Company of the Year 2012», «HR-Brand 2013″, a two-time winner of ” Brand №1 in Russia “(2012, 2014) and three-time winner of the” Consumer rights and quality of service “.-

company” Eldorado “is part of an international group PPF, one of the largest investment companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Technology partner:

“VimpelCom” OJSC one of the world’s largest telecom operators, which provides integrated mobile and fixed telephony, international long-distance services, data transmission, telematic services, Internet access based on wireless and wireline solutions, including fiber access technology, Wi-Fi and the network of the third and fourth generations.

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