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In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory on May 3 SC “Olympic” will be held grand celebration. The program of events – 7 floors with family entertainment, a huge game area, Olenёsha, contests with prizes from partners and a concert. The culmination of the show will be interactive congratulation for veterans from the players. Visitors to thank those who gave their lives to rushed to the attack, kept the defense and all the forces fighting for freedom. How impressive would be greeting depends on you!

As part of the event will be the final of the National Cup of Russia and show the winner of the match tournament series “Portraits of Victory.” Qualifying round “Portrait of Victory” already passed in Brest, St. Petersburg and Smolensk. Upcoming tournaments Voronezh , Tula, Krasnodar , Minsk, and Volgograd . Register on qualifying games of the National Cup of Russia already open .

What awaits you?

On the stage awaits the band “Siskin & amp; Co », spectacular shows and congratulation for veterans from the players. Leading the event will be known shouvumen Jan Churikov and operating producer World of Tanks Anton Pankov. During the breaks they will hold contests with awards from partners and answer questions from players.

In a game zone will be available to more than 80 tablets WoT Blitz and more than 300 computers with W orld o f Tanks . For players who show the best results in the individual competition, prepared prizes from Wargaming and partners.

Interactive Entertainment for the whole family include 7 Floors activities, daycare, workshops for children, the figure Olenёshi, cinema, photo zone. Anticipated games and contests with prizes.

On the street refresh and maintain morale will be at the field kitchen, where everyone can taste the real soldier’s food.

Date: May 3, 2015.

Time: 11: 00-20: 00.

Location: “Olympic”, Moscow, Olympic Ave, 16.

Tickets will be distributed free of charge since April 22 on a special website – to get to the event will be the first 15,000 applicants. Detailed information will be shown on our website.

Stay tuned!

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