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A series of tournaments and meetings with players, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, continues! The next stage of the competition the company Wargaming will hold in Tula. Players will have the opportunity to participate in the qualifying rounds and the winners of all team tournaments series converge in the final online battle on the eve of the Victory Day.

Read more about the tournament series “Portraits of Victory” read here .

What awaits players in Tula

  • The tournament will be held in two formats: a team competition and individual competition.
  • individual competition takes place without prior registration. To take part in it can be anyone for free.
  • prizes from partners of the championship will be played not only among the participants, but also among the visitors.
  • Moderators: Sergey streamer Vspishka Karapetyan and radio presenter Andrew Native TNT. Come forward to all!

Where and when

  • Opening of registration – March 26 .
  • Closing registration – April 5 at 20:00 local time (UTC + 3) .
  • Start online qualifiers – April 6 at 20:00 local time .
  • Start offline games – April 12 at 12:00 local time .
  • Location: Tula, pr. Lenina. 87, playpen central stadium “Arsenal” .

The provisions of the tournament

  • The tournament is held in the format of 7/54 (“Attack / Defense”).
  • In general, the team must have at least six people from Tula and the Tula region.
  • Players Wargaming.net League to participate are not allowed.
  • The team, which application is made is obliged to participate in the offline finals at full strength. In case of absence to the team and its players may be sanctioned.

How to participate in the tournament .


Maps of each stage of the qualifying published in the official competition regulations.

The prize fund

Team Ladder:


Competitions in social networks

During the tournament in social networks will be held a special competition. Subscribe to our profile Instagram Take a picture from the event, put it in your profile with the hashtag #worldoftanks #tula #portretpobedy, show photos employee SMM-department directly at the event – and immediately get a bonus code.

Subscribe to our Twitter , make a tweet that illuminates the event, with the hashtag #worldoftanks #tula #portretpobedy, show tweet SMM-employee department – and get a bonus code.

And a special activity for all who remember their ancestors. Embark on a visit to veterans, their grandparents, give them flowers, listen to and record their stories of military past – and do not forget to take photos ! After that, place the story in special topic for discussion (be sure to include your nickname). The most interesting stories get into the album “Portraits of Victory”, and their authors will receive 500
Attention! Do not take photos and stories from the Internet! Remuneration will be only those who actually visit their loved ones and write a unique story.

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