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We remind you that the continuing contest of short looped video dedicated to World of Tanks. Do you have a chance to win day premium account. Today awarded 104 creative works. In this case, the prize money remained more 9272 days Premium account participate and win!

Tasks competition
    Create Online coub.com Kobe on your tank subjects.
  • Specify the hashtag in their work # your player name, # prem10s, #wot.


  • Participate in the competition can any player.
  • Number of entries from the participant is not limited.
  • The work must be created on the site coub .com exclusively for this competition.
  • indicate your name in the game World of Tanks correctly without errors. If the name is incorrect, overcharging winnings on your account will not succeed.
  • Work must not violate moral, ethical and legal standards .
Evaluation Criteria
  • original ideas / work (humor is welcome).
  • The quality of work.
  • corresponds to the work rules of the contest.
  • Mechanics of the competition and awards
    • participants create online coub.com Entries that meet the conditions.
    • jury selects the weekly favorite Kouba and puts them “huskies “with official koub- account .
    • For each of the jury liked Kobe participant receives 7 days Premium account .
    • Interim results of the competition are published in official group World of Tanks «VKontakte” on Fridays (when the presence of the winners of the week).
    • Days Premium account accrued after the publication of the interim results.
    • Premium account takes effect from the date of accrual.
    • The contest will run until the end of the prize fund of 10 000 days Premium account .

    Remember that all contests in World of Tanks, you can learn of .

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