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With the release of the 9.8 update, many of you are able to evaluate the benefits of the personal allowance. Their main advantage is that you can choose the time you redeem. This allows you to plan the playing time and use it as efficiently as possible for research equipment. In addition, personal reserve for additional experience can be significantly faster to do some combat missions, including to “Marathon FV201 (A45)» .

Note that you can combine several powerful tools: personal allowance for additional experience, premium account , double experience for the first win of the day – receive tremendous boost to the combat experience. “Deflate” the tank of your dreams (EC-7, T57 Heavy, maybe, E100) has never been easier!

For tankers which want to get more experience in the same playing time, July 15, 9:00 (GMT) on August 1
9:00 (Moscow time) are available in the Premium Shop private reserves from bonus 15% Bonus 2 hours:

“15% of combat experience”: 5, 10 and 20 times

Package Price: $ 2.5

Package Price: $ 5

Package Price: $ 10

The most important thing about personal reserves “15% of combat experience”:

  • The shelf life of acquired personal allowance is not limited.
  • Personal provisions apply only to random battles.
  • The bonuses take effect only after the activation of personal reserves. Duration bonus – 2:00 .
  • You can not simultaneously activate several similar private reserve (in this case – an additional combat experience).
  • Undo already activated reserve is impossible.
For more information about the personal allowances

Personal reserves – are special bonuses for random fights . The statistics posleboevoy amount of additional earnings obtained after the activation allowance specified in a separate line.

Personal provisions apply only to random battles and only a limited time after activation. If during the duration of the bout ended amplifier, the additional reward for the battle is not given. Menu activation is in the “header” Angara. To access this menu, click on the name of the player, and then select the available private reserves.

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Recall that all the current active World of Tanks you can learn from Calendar of Events .

The time to strike while the experience of commanders!

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