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C ely month – with July 1 9:00 (GMT) to [1,999,009] Aug. 1 9:00 (GMT) – in the Premium shop you can buy promotional packages “The proposal of July” gaming and premium gold account

Furthermore, with July 1 9:00 (GMT) to [1,999,009] July 8 9:00 (GMT) will be available to an extra special set
“Soviet command” with burly EC-6 and promotional MOH easy. [1,999,009]

New offers Premium store – it’s a great opportunity to make a gift to your comrades!

On July 1 9:00 (GMT) [1,999,009] until August 1, 9:00 (GMT) kits are available: [1,999,011] [1,999,007]

“The proposal of July”: small, medium and large supply

Promotional Packages which include monthly premium account and the game gold at a discount. In this case, size does matter, because the larger the package, the more bonus you get: 750 [1,999,087] 1000 or 1250 . Choose your set!


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