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Premium Time Reward for Update 1.11!
2015-07-18 09:20:00 / News

As always, to help celebrate the release of a new update, we’re offering two days of free Premium time to players! Pay attention, because the rules have changed:

To receive the two days of Premium time, you must enter the game and play at least one (1) battle between July 18, 09:00 PT (12:00 ET) and July 20, 09:00 PT (12:00 ET). Regardless of the battle’s result, you’ll receive the bonus after the battle. Your two days of Premium time will begin following your first battle, so keep playing!

You’ll know your free Premium time has activated when you receive a Notification (under the News tab!) informing you that your Premium time has been extended!

Why Should I Care About Premium Time?

In short, having Premium time is a quicker way of progressing through World of Tanks Blitz.

Premium time holders earn 50% extra Credits and XP from battling, allowing you to unlock and purchase the next vehicle you want even faster than regular account holders!

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