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Premium Vehicles and Legendary Camouflage
2016-04-27 17:00:00 / News

We’re introducing a new kind of camouflage in Update 2.9, called legendary camouflage. Unlike the existing Winter, Summer or Desert camouflage already in Blitz, legendary camouflage is unique to a specific vehicle.

Once Update 2.9 drops, this new camouflage will be available on these vehicles:

Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Shinobi E 25 “#1” Type 62 Dragon

That’s right; the distinctive camouflage on these vehicles is now optional, giving players the ability to roll into battle as they choose. If you wish not to equip the legendary camouflage on these vehicles, they’ll revert to their standard, historical designs and their name will reflect the change—i.e. the “Type 62 Dragon” becomes simply the “Type 62.” Note: this name change is not reflected in the Garage, but will change in battle.

Here’s the important part: While future legendary camouflage designs will incur resupply costs (just like normal camouflage), the designs listed above are already in the game so you’ll be able to use them as much as you want without additiona cost. Naturally, because you’ve already paid for them.

Wondering why we’re making this change? Not only will it allow flexibility for players (giving players the choice of historically accurate visuals), it’ll help us keep the file size of the game client as small as possible by reducing extraneous 3D model data.

Special Vehicles

We’re not trying to confuse you, but you’ll also need to know about legendary vehicles and how they differ from legendary camouflage. Special vehicles are unique vehicles with distinctive camouflage skins already applied that can’t be changed. The camo on these vehicles is permanent and does not incur any resupply costs when used.

Thethe current roster of special vehicles includes:

IS-3 Defender Т-34-85 Victory  T34 Independence M4A3E8 Fury Tankenstein Jagdtiger 8.8 Snowstorm Angry Connor Kuro Mori Mine Panzer IV Anko Special We’ll be introducing two new Premium vehicles in May, one will have legendary camouflage and the other will be a special vehicle! Stay tuned!

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