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triumphant return of the cult space strategy of the nineties, we watched with tears at E3 2015

announced last game creators of World of Tanks has suddenly become not shareware, and even an online game. Master of Orion – a remake or rather “tribute” cult space strategy in 1993.

The importance of this announcement should not be underestimated. For anyone acquainted c video games began in the first half of the nineties, “Orion” is as much a legend as a Civilization and XCOM. And if the latter cult TV series a few years ago was triumphantly revived the great Sid Meier, is the revival of Master of Orion took almost personally Victor Sour (Chapter Wargaming.net). Sour gladly tells how in his youth he would sit for days on end in front of the monitor paunchy, sorting cards of the first space MoO and now for him the creation of decent remake – a matter of honor.

Превью Master of Orion

At E3 we under the strict supervision of Wargaming.net conducted with the new “Orion” for half an hour, and in the eyes (I swear, no kidding!), All the while standing nostalgic tears of happiness. The new “Orion” is exactly the same game as 23 years ago, only a discount on all the progress of recent years – with great graphics, modern interface, etc. Another good news for nostalgic: the development of the game is in a separate studio in Austin, and among the developers not working on the last positions are the same people that came up and made the original Master of Orion.

For those who are suddenly aware: Master of Orion is a complete turn-based strategy about space exploration in the area of ​​the Orion sector, where once lived the ancient and highly technologically advanced race of “gods” who created all intelligent life on dozens of planets in different parts of the galaxy. After tens of thousands of years, descendants of the ancient Orions almost simultaneously comprehend the secret of interstellar travel and begin to colonize the cosmos.

Превью Master of Orion

The playing field is Master of Orion – the same space, with planets, sectors, colonies. As with any “big” strategy in the game a lot of economy, science, diplomacy and, of course, war. Each uninhabited planet – a potential gold mine. Somewhere under the light of three suns in the galaxy, the best black soil – populated by professional farmers, this colony will feed a half-century empire. Somewhere – there is nothing but mountains and volcanoes, but the rare earth metals and uranium can be mined almost shovel. However, the colonization should be done wisely, skillfully balancing the economy between spending on science and the army, and when checking the worlds carefully take into account the specifics of your people.

In addition people can play for any of the classic Master of Orion for the alien races, the different factions differ not only in color or design of the flag ships. And if the people or what some bulrati (similar bipedal bear), all more or less clear – some of them more, someone smarter, someone stupid and weak, but it multiplies rabbit zeal, some nationalities – complete exotic. For example, race klakontsev – Insectoids, a kind of anthropomorphic ants have one collective mind and dramatically tupeyuschie if suddenly interrupted communication with the mind “of the uterus.” Or Silicoids – race of intelligent … stones. They are made of stone, eat stones, building ships of stones and can colonize the planet with all the atmosphere and gravity. What matters is that the stones were.

Превью Master of Orion

Sooner or later, when everything is more or less habitable planet will be captured to start the acute phase of the diplomatic and military confrontation between the factions. Diplomacy Master of Orion is even harder and more inventive than even Civilization. Business partnerships, military alliances, industrial espionage, conspiracy, intrigue, threats, bribes and contributions – before all arguments in negotiations with your neighbors in the galaxy is over, take more than one stroke.

But if an agreement is not obtained, the hour “H” to dictate your indomitable will fly destroyers, frigates and dreadnoughts in the uranium rod. Fighting in Master of Orion resembles other strategic classics living – Heroes of Might and Magic. The same is divided by the cell field, we are left to the right – them. If the fight goes to the orbit, besides exchange of proton torpedoes, you can give orders to the fleet to start orbital bombardment.

Превью Master of Orion

During the presentation at E3 authors, spit on the enemy fleet, our eyes have thrown capital nice people, cats nuclear bombs. Each turn, the statistics window dryly said: “killed 20 million people, 15 million people” and so on until in the “world population” has not remained only one terrible “zero”. However, such demonstration punitive acts are good only to intimidate neighbors. The planet has a population of (enslaved in case of capture) and the surviving infrastructure – a tasty jackpot for any space invaders.

Master of Orion The authors emphasize that this “is the same old game in which everything is now in a new way.” However, the nostalgic reverence especially for those who conquered sector Orion back in the nineties, are rife. The game was so recognizable that even after twenty years it seems: Now take your mouse and – all within ten minutes you know where to build the first factory and fifteen already swear by Ambassador alkaryl. Even the “Galactic News” – any non-binding, but funny filed “political information” about your interplanetary achievements – and that there was a place in the new Master of Orion.

Twenty-two years ago, “Orion” much sunk into the soul of the Soviet technical intelligentsia, who became the first player in Russia only for the reason that its Research Institute have access to prohibitively expensive at the time, “Ai-Bi-Emam.” The impact of this game was so great, that the tactics of combat Orion superkreyserom “Guardian” were divided into morning meetings, and writer Sergei Lukyanenko dilogy even wrote “Dream Line”, which would now be called almost the universe fanfic “Orion”. Will the new Master of Orion to repeat the success of the original and another twenty years remain a cult game for several generations – we do not know. But really we want to.


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