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This last weekend during my Easter stream with the RITA clan, we decided to test how supreme the PZ II J can become for the viewers, when three people use it while platooning. And the results? 14 dirty kills…

I usually celebrate my “crucial contribution” medals, but in this case I could only facepalm while thinking about how wrong it was to sell this tank to everyone using the premium store. I did not take any pride in the battle.

Seems a bit hypocritical when WG is working on an anti-seal-clubber system and then decides to sell this tank. Is this the last (and excuse for my words) butt fuck of the newbies before the newbie protection gets implemented? Because they sure are taking it hard currently.
I am so glad that it was sold only on EU, I hope other servers don’t repeat the same mistake in the future. So much for the anti P2W business model that Wargaming proudly advertises.

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