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Hello Warriors,

screenshots and Gif. of the Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A. changes for you.

Note: I will be making separate posts for each tank that received the biggest changes as they are picture heavy and then stack the minor ones together in one post.

There is a tiny bit of information that was missing:
Speed Limit got buffed to 64/20 (62/20 Previous)

And lest remember what was posted previously:
– View ports are now as thick as the surrounding armor, not thinner.
– Small 70mm thick parts on UFP removed.
– Autobounce plate is now 15-10mm instead of 35-25mm.  The 15mm are where the spare tracks are.  – Hull roof is 10mm thick now for the most part instead of 8mm.  The opposite happened for the stock turret.
– Stock turret cupola is now 30mm instead of 30-22mm.
– Front part of the “turret ring” is now 25mm instead of 30mm.
– Mantlet is now 50mm thick instead of 25mm and the armor above and below it is 50mm instead of 30mm.
– Spaced armor to the sides of the mantlet are now 10mm instead of 22mm.
– Top turret is no longer a clusterf**k of different armor thicknesses.
– The armor from the viewports on the side no longer stick out on the hitbox.
– The side armor was nerfed from 25mm to 20mm though the rear was increased from 10mm to 20mm.
– The turret face is now 30mm instead of 50mm.
– Mantlet is 30mm instead of 25mm.

3D Model


Armor Model

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