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Now Ukraine is selling kits – Gaming Mouse Razer Death Adder World of Tanks + pad Razer Goliathus 2013 World of Tanks Medium Speed. To all this is 2 bonus code: one on Pz.Kpfw.IV hydrostat and a second gold in the 500 and 3 days premiums. The price set in 1099 UAH ($ 52). Price Hydra on the market now about $ 70, so a set of very profitable. Do not miss the chance to get a free Hydro and add to it – http://hard.rozetka.com.ua/razer_death_ … 2 / # tab = all [1,999,002]
[1,999,006 ]

We have the opportunity to order a few sets, and we are ready to help at a low cost (the cost of the package) to get these bonus codes, if you’re interested, please contact us by e-mail info@wot-news.com .

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