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– the data that were used in the creation of AT-15 and AT-15A:

АТ15 – http://i.imgur.com/IobsdqL.jpg
АТ15А – http://i.imgur.com/umOGKBa.jpg

– regarding the Maus “restoration”, Yuri Pasholok comfirms that there was actually a talk about cooperating with Kubinka on the restoration of an IS-7 – but the former head of museum said that the people at Kubinka can do it themselves and don’t need WG help for that
– IS-7 restoration was delayed but Object 268 is in running condition
– this is the idiot responsible for the Maus “restoration” project from Kubinka side, his name is Sergey Podkorytov. Yuri Pasholok’s comment: “a versatile personality” – now he is working on Tank Biathlon. He got kicked out of Kubinka and replaced with some army general.

All players are equal, but some players are more equal. Players do as a rule get compensated in credits now for vehicles they’d earn in various WG events (for example marathons), if they already had them in their garage. However, according to RU developer Orc, CW players who win tanks as a part of CW activities (for example – in recent CW event RU players will have the opportunity to win T23 or FCM50T) will be compensated in gold:

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