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Hello Warriors,

been a couple hours away, got my new PC and been mounting some hardware and installing/updating software. Have to say this was money well spent, this “bae” is silent and fast like a ninja! (Will be posting the specs on the next “Resume & Contributors post”)

Here is the Q&A from Igromir:

– Confirmed: tier 10 T-22 Sr. will be a reward for the upcoming deathmatch mode in 10.0;
– First Czech tank (T 40) will come in 10.0, the branch itself until the end of 2015;
– The 10.0 customization UI overhaul is the first step in the new improved customization;
– After 10.0 there will be a long testing session of new motion physics and the new sound engine;
– Another things being focused on is the MM overhaul and the arty overhaul;
– The armor role will increase by a combination of two elements: “rebalance” of all premium and regular shells + XP for tanking;
– WT E-100 replacement is already selected, won’t have an autoloader but it will have a cool gun;
– WoWs was already played by 4 million people on 4 clusters, peak online is 130k people.

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