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Qualifying Tournament Silver Series

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We would like to share with you the good news. Headquarters announces the start of registration for an additional qualifying tournament for the right to get into Silver Series .

Registration for the tournament is now open and will end June 15 20:00 Moscow time [1,999,031].

[1,999,033] [1,999,035] Enter [1,999,008]

[1,999,019] Start of the tournament – June 16 20:00 Moscow time. Tournament grid will be drawn up after the close of registration.

Who can participate?

allowed to participate in all team members except Gold and Silver Series I season WGL RU 2015-2016.

[1,999,046] The system of

[1,999,019] Matches will be held on the play-offs Single Elimination . Semi-finalists of the tournament receive quotas Silver Series . Another quota will be played between the teams in places 5-8.

[1,999,046] Why a tournament?

[1,999,019] After the draw, and the Silver League before the season some teams ceased to exist, resulting in Silver Series appeared vacancies. Headquarters decided to play free slots and complete division to full participation.

What will happen to the draw?

Results of the draw the previous void. A new draw will be held June 20 .


You can read Regulations qualifying tournament .

[1,999,019] We believe that the players and fans understanding Staff would react to the decision to hold Silver Series with the full composition of the participants. We are acting with the best intentions and pursue exclusively sporting purpose.

Anyone who wants to play in tournaments, all who wanted to participate in the Bronze Series – this is your chance !

The first round will begin Silver Series June 22 . Matches will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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