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Start game event “Excellence” has been postponed. Why?

At the moment, the event fully prepared. But when the final audit revealed that after entering into battle with the established modes of the game client is closed. To remedy this situation, we postponed the launch event for a few days. We would like to remind you that Wargaming not guarantee performance when installed versions of the game.

What happened to the book T26E4 SuperPershing after re-model HD-quality? [1,999,006]

In general, the test version 9.8 bug was found in the calculation of penetration of screens in the turret of a tank T26E4 SuperPershing. We fixed it, and now for the tank strengthened reservations mask tools – 101.6 mm.

When you press the C trl for reference before the fight lists of commands displayed in the maximum size and remain so even after the start of the battle.

This problem is related to the introduction of dynamic function platoons. In the immediate release we fix it.

After changing the position of personal combat missions players have lost the opportunity to receive the award, if the place of unfulfilled tasks transferred already passed.

We know about this issue. Now analyze the situation, further steps will report separately.

If I was banned in chat if I can create a dynamic platoon in combat?

Players with locked chat can create squads, both dynamic and conventional.

Where did the experience and credits from the main screen posleboevoy statistics?

This patch was associated with the interface changes in the 9.8 update. On the main screen posleboevoy statistics have been added to the notice of the possibility to install new modules. After analyzing your feedback, we have decided to return the next version of the map of loans and expertise in its place.

On a map, “Sandy River” is used instead of desert camouflage year. So it should be?

This is a bug. Be sure to fix that in version 9.9.

I received a medal of “Women in the form of” before the update 9.8, and now I have lost progress, and is available for a medal.

This is a bug. We will try to fix in the next update.

Other questions about the game

Translation in HD technology has something to do with the revision booking cars?

No, we plan to transfer technology in the HD in advance. First of all, we try to make the new model for the popular and premium tanks. Also, all new cars are available immediately in HD.

Will there be other ways to earn credits? For example, to pass each other.

No, credits and experience can earn only in combat.

Will you enter the advance premium technique of those countries which are still not in the game? So it was with a Japanese tank Chi-Nu-Kai, when she was no more branch .

The upgrading will be near the Japanese heavy tank level VI Tiger I, anticipating thus the output of the Japanese branch of heavy tanks. It will be available in the Premium Shop.

whether the work is underway to transfer camouflage in HD?

No, not conducted.

There is a chance that some of the new cards will be more?

There are currently no plan to introduce random fights for a larger map than it is now. Tests showed large maps that players on them hard to navigate and have long to move from flank to flank. This leads to the choice of direction for the entire fight and severely limits the variety of gameplay, especially for slow machines.

Will there be an opportunity to pass through the allied tanks for a few seconds at the beginning of the fight, not to interfere with traveling?

No, I do not plan to do this.

Would you like to enter the same punishment for causing damage to allies, as well as in World of Warships? The ship is as follows: how much strength lost an ally, so you lose you.

For World of Tanks is too rigid punishment. Tanks are more dynamic than the ships and hit on an ally is often accidental. Therefore, sometimes it is enough just to apologize chatting.

Would you allow players to create camouflage, logos and inscriptions on the technique and spread the content on the client, so that later it can be to buy?

At the moment, we allow you to create any “skin” and a model for our technology, but they are only visible to the player, set this modification. Embed them in a client we do not plan, that is. To. It is very much will increase its “weight”. However, we are working on their own system customization technology. “

You’ve already answered the question about the weather conditions and night battles, but very reserved. I would like to get a more detailed response.

Bad weather and the dark form of limited visibility conditions, and such conditions are not so nice and comfortable to keep fighting. Simply add visual effects we do not want.

What are now working most actively? New modes, new appliances or new maps?

There are currently actively working on the new physics of motion of the tank. Also prepare rebalance breaking conventional and premium shells on the IX-X levels for CT and PT-ACS. Do not forget about the new maps: “Paris,” “Studzianka” (Poland) and “Berlin”. “Paris” is a mixed card schematically a bit like a “Ruinberg”, but with a completely different atmosphere and gameplay. “Studzianka” – up card such as “Murovanka” and “Prokhorovka”. A “Berlin” is completely urban locations of small size in the style of “Himmelsdorfa.”

New! ST X level!

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